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The Health Care Racket Is the health insurance business a racket? Yes, literally-or so say two New York hospitals, which have filed a racketeering lawsuit against UnitedHealth Group and several of... Read More

  1. by   Gromit
    Cozmo, thats not a particularly popular position, but it IS an honest one -hats off to you for actually putting it out there. There are many many things that factor into our expensive care -and no simple answer will solve it. Hospitals ultimately ARE businesses, they have to pay for their help, the expensive toys (technology) and even the utilities they use. In our area -and my facility in particular- we have a lot of illegals, and they use the hospital as a doctors office -oftentimes they won't seek help until their little problems have turned into big expensive ones, and you cannot, nor do you, turn them away. But a hospital cannot just swallow the cost, the money must come from somewhere -I don't work for free anymore than anyone else there. They aren't the only problem, but they are a big one, and while the illegals are a large chunk of the problem I just described, they are by no means the only ones.

    I have no problem with drug companies getting a profit -developing drugs does not come cheaply, and a company will follow many expensive leads to dead-ends before finding a good one that works. However, it does kind of dig in my craw when they will charge a pittance (by comparison) to other countries, and charge our own the lions' share of the prices. I know full well that many other countries have price-controls, but by that reasoning, if they won't pay, they shouldn't get the goods. I cannot believe the drug companies are taking loses to sell to them, so they should not be gouging US either. I mean FAIR IS FAIR, and thats really the only 'big gripe' I have toward the drug companies. The certainly shouldn't be trying to feed us the 'doom and gloom' scenario for trying to get our drugs at cheaper prices by using the internet -if it says 'phizer' on the label, then it doesn't matter that it was bottled or sold to Canada or wherever.
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  2. by   Indy
    Quote from cozmo_blozmo
    You sit there and try and justify the hospital charges I could easily justify the drug companies charges with research and development. My point is simply when the same charges are leveled at those that work in health care that they level at drug companies and insurance companies the tune changes and now it's "well, we all need to find a solution" or some othe gobbledy gook sophomoric phrase. My solution if you hate drug companies and insurance companies just boycot them and don't use them. I personally like drug companies and own several of them in my investments because they do make good profits. I am just tired of people trying to blame the insurance companies and CEOs and everyone else for rising health care costs that they themselves profit from (yes, I am referring to nurses). Will anyone on here take a cut in pay to save a person some health care charges? Of course not.
    I'm a nurse, and nurses are, per Suzanne Gordon (badly quoted, I'm not going to go find my book), the "original bundled charge." You know what? I'm worth every penny that I make. I'm worth more but I can live on what I have, and comfortably support my family on my earnings. Would I take a cut in pay? No, but I'd consider going years on end without a raise for the following things:
    1. decent ratios
    2. health insurance from my employer that doesn't have ridiculous restrictions on drugs that the physician prescribes.
    3. CEO's who don't say the stupidest things on earth, and the meanest things, to staff while getting ready for jcaho inspections

    Seriously. Our health insurance companies as a whole get arrogant and snippy and think they have the right to practice medicine, and tell a patient they may or may not have what their doctor has prescribed. There aren't words enough to say how strongly I object to this, however I don't think me volunteering to make less money is going to change a bunch of arrogant godplaying freaks of nature into people who actually consider paying a claim when it arrives.

    That's the nicest thing I could say about insurance adjustors without running over the TOS.