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    December Cover Story: The Banks Are Coming

    ...But as mass media outlets focus on skyrocketing premiums, they've largely missed a strong underlying shift--that financial institutions may soon wield heavy indirect influence in healthcare through their custodianship of health savings accounts....

    ...A fourth-party payment system?
    Even if those lofty market share predictions for consumer-directed plans are only half right, in addition to collecting from third parties like Medicare and more traditional health plans, providers will derive a much larger portion of their income from a fourth party--an array of individual consumers for which most providers are not ready...
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  3. by   hope3456
    I switched jobs a couple months ago and, with my new employer, signed up for a 'high deductible' plan, and i can contribute to a HSA. I am working part time and frankly it was all i could afford. I do think I am lucky getting bennys with a part time position. I took my daughter in for a well baby visit last week, and presented my new ins. card at the front desk. The receptionist had to go ask her manager about it and they acted very hesitant to accept it. They tried to tell me I had to pay right then - but I argued that I was entitled to the 'contracted amt' between them and the ins comp. I don't think they even knew what that was, but they finally agreed to send in the claim and bill me.

    Interesting that this is what GWB is pushing in the way of health care reform - I don't think it is a bad idea, but I don't think it will work.
  4. by   Jolie
    We have had a high-deductible plan with a healthcare spending account for a number of years now, but starting January 1st, it will change a bit.

    Up until now, the participating providers agreed to bill the insurance company which managed the HSA for us. I have not been satisfied with the insurance company's management of these funds, as they have frequently OVERPAID on claims, then refused to request refunds from the providers. Since it was MY money they overpaid with, I had to battle to get it back.

    Now, the provider will by-pass the insurance company and bill me directly for care, at the negotiated discounted rate. I am pleased that I will control my HSA directly, but suspect that it will soon become bothersome for participating providers to bill each individual patient, rather than the insurance company directly. I also anticipate that there will be errors and delays in determining what I should be billed for contracted services.