Texas Nurse Pleads Guilty to Murdering Mother & Stealing Infant

  1. CONROE, Texas — A Houston woman accused of killing a mother and abducting her newborn son last year avoided a possible death sentence by pleading guilty Tuesday and accepting a sentence of life without parole.
    Verna McClain was awaiting trial on a capital murder charge for the April 2012 fatal shooting of 28-year-old Kala Golden-Schuchardt.

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  3. by   adventure_rn
    Well that was horrifying. My heart aches for that poor family. The fact that she's a nurse, consistently ranked by the public as the most trustworthy profession, makes it worse; people trust us to take care of their children for goodness sake.

    Apparently the attacker was planning to pass the baby off as her own to convince her boyfriend to stay with her. I've got to think that woman had some underlying mental health issue, or suffered some sort of mental break.
  4. by   DoGoodThenGo
    Whole thing is bizarre and quite sad on so many fronts.

    For one the nurse in question is African-American, but the infant she kidnapped like the mother was white European (German ancestry). How she was going to pass off such an infant as her own to the African American boyfriend/father of baby she miscarried is a mystery.

    Nurse gave at least one jailhouse "interview" in which she railed at the press coverage saying that she was "not a monster" , and wanted people to stop thinking of her as such.

    "'Don’t sit and look at me as if I’m some sort of monster. I’m not. Until you know the facts, don’t sit and judge."

    Verna McClain speaks out from jail and insists: 'I'm not a monster' | Daily Mail Online

    Even more horrible to my mind is the new mother died trying to save her baby and never will know what happened to him.

    Each time hear of these ghastly situations of what clearly must be post-miscarriage mental illness try to be charitable towards the offenders, but am sorry; there isn't anything any man out there has that could provoke me to commit felony murder and kidnapping just to keep him.