Television Reality Show Casting Nurses & Student Nurses

  1. Just when you thought television couldn't possibly sink any lower in depicting nurses, along comes this:

    Are you gorgeous, compassionate, and ready to star in a hot new television show?

    Studio Lambert, the production company behind the mega-hit CBS show "Undercover Boss," creator of "Project Runway," and MysticArt Pictures are searching for dynamic nurses and nursing students for a new docu-series!

    A light-hearted, sexy docu-series that follows a group of young nurses and nursing students as they experience comedy, romance, and fun. The girls will eat, sleep, and live together while we watch what unfolds at the house, at the hospital, and in their social lives. Nobody knows more about helping people than nurses, giving us the opportunity to see their big hearts and caring ways at work. Studying for practical exams, dates with McDreamy, and working an extra job in your spare time...we'll see it all as we capture the lives of those learning to save lives!


    Nurses and nursing students, with fun, vibrant personalities
    Beautiful, compassionate women
    Ages 21-30
    Living or going to school in Southern California
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  3. by   dvsbec
    Nursing sexy? Dates with McDreamy? Bugger - I'm working in the wrong hospital!

    Seriously though - this sounds like its going to be a major step backwards for the profession. How can people take us seriously if we're going to be portrayed like this?

    I'd like to hope that no respectable nurse would even bother applying, so the show never takes off. But alas, there is always someone looking for the limelight and their 15 minutes of fame <sigh>
  4. by   tencat
    Pretty disgusting. Let's perpetuate the sexy, naughty nurse stereotype. Sigh.....
  5. by   merlee
    Hahaha. I am way too old, way too fat, and WAY too far away or I would do it in a minute!! I had a great social life all through nursing school (in the 70's) and beyond.

    Of course it probably is a 'step backward', but a handful of us are going have fun and make some serious money.

    And they will laugh all the way to the bank! Can't wait to see who the gum-snapping nasty one is! There's always one of those!

    I wonder what they will do for patients, and whether any hospital allows those camers inside, or if it will all be a soundstage with fake docs and patients.
  6. by   realnursealso/LPN
    Guess this would be an oppurtunity for those young, way too pretty nurses that are treated poorly by their coworkers, because they are too beautiful............:
  7. by   Conqueror+
    Wow realnurse that brought back some memories. I remember that thread !! LOL.
  8. by   groanup

    OK, so far we have one applicant, "Korie".
    Women are just beating down the doors to get on this show!

    Scroll down a little and you see a blurb for :

    "Nurses wanted... Major reality production company is
    casting for a new cable series featuring nurses that have
    larger than life personalities." Four applicants so far!

    Then look at the last entry to see what kind of company
    they'll be keeping:

    "Now Casting Shotgun Weddings... The producers of MTV’s
    My Super Sweet 16 and Engaged & Underage are casting a
    new reality show about shotgun weddings.
    We are looking for young couples that are getting married
    after becoming pregnant. "

    Up next--- Pregnant Student Nurses Shotgun Weddings,
    hosted by Jerry Springer!

    I suspect they won't actually be filming in a hospital,
    what with HIPAA, so the show will enter around all the
    after- hours drama. That is, if this thing actually
    gets off the ground.

    My suggestion for Paris Hilton, the Kardashians,
    John & Kate, etc.--- put 'em in a rocket and
    shoot 'em into space. Now make some room for
    "Beautiful, compassionate women, Nurses and
    nursing students, with fun, vibrant personalities"!

    Anyone remember the TV show "Nightengales"?
    It was about student nurses... but you wouldn't
    know it from the ads. At first glance I thought it was
    about prostitutes. Nurses organized a boycott
    of the show's advertisers and it was gone after one season.



  9. by   realnursealso/LPN
    WOW, licking your stethescope, real classy and professional. Check out all of her pictures.
  10. by   SunSurfRN
    Nurse should no longer be assumed to = "she" its 2010

    -a He
  11. by   DoGoodThenGo
    Any student nurse even considering applying should remember well that practice acts in all fifty states have "moral" clauses. As my Med/Surg I professor advised us before spring recess, "don't do anything stupid that will come back to haunt you". The SN's school might have something to say as well. Do not think any self-respecting nursing school would allow one of their student's to appear in uniform on this program as well.

    Personally don't see why any self-respecting nurse who is "beautiful" would want the bother. She probably has enough problems from the male sex as it is, and getting involved in something like this,for God and the world to see isn't going to make things any easier.

    I mean quite allot of men will assume one is *that kind of girl* merely by association.
  12. by   DoGoodThenGo
    Quote from SunSurfRN
    Nurse should no longer be assumed to = "she" its 2010

    -a He
    Good answer!

    So all we need is a male nurse or nursing student to apply for this thing, be rejected then contact the ACLU to bring legal action.
  13. by   SunSurfRN
    Quote from DoGoodThenGo
    Good answer!

    So all we need is a male nurse or nursing student to apply for this thing, be rejected then contact the ACLU to bring legal action.
    LOL....I will sue for 10 million, and contribute the proceeds towards a hospital.

    Maybe them the hospital will hire me as a new grad, since we are the pariahs of society (tinge of sarcasm)
  14. by   NickiLaughs
    I can't imagine a nursing student wanting to be followed around by cameras....just add that stress of an already ridiculously stressful time. On top of the "sexy" bs? Ha! I don't remember having time to throw on makeup or do my hair beyond a pony tail. I see big fat fail written all over this.