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  1. by   cdthorste
    nothing annoys me more than the sexualization of breast cancer. and apparently i'm not the only one--I've found a blog written by a terminal breast cancer patient who HATES October because all the "save the boobies" bumper stickers are too painful for her. she lost both of her breasts. she doesn't need a bunch of people parading around photos of over-endowed porn stars, reminding her of the sacrifice she had to make to save her life. she works in a high school, and when she sees all these teenage boys coming to school with pink "Boobies" wrist bands, they show them off to girls to bully and sexually harass them. but teachers let them wear the wrist bands because the kids argue that it's a just a selfless show of support for cancer patients.

    she even quotes other survivors who feel the same way. one woman says that, since her mastectomy, all she wants to do during October is to stay in her room and cry. she just can't take how demeaning and callous the so-called "Awareness" movement is.

    seriously, people will stop at nothing to tell women that they're just silly little sex objects whose only purpose is to be erotic decorations.

    much more women die of lung cancer. why don't people obsess over that?...oh yeah. because lungs aren't sex objects. just as many men die from prostate cancer. but again, we don't see any sexualized prostate awareness posters. and no one seems to care about the much deadlier diseases of ovarian, pancreatic, or liver cancer.
  2. by   Asystole RN
    Quote from brandy1017
    It's pretty sad that we are so lacking in morals in America today. Why is it disappointing that Susan Komen doesn't want to cooperate with illicit and immoral and dare I say evil! Yes porn and abortion are perfectly legal in America today that doesn't make them right. I say they are doing the right thing and they should have been allowed to withdraw funding to Planned Parenthood, but were literally strongarmed and blackmailed into funding them because of Planned Parenthood media outrage! Planned parenthood's sole reason for existance is abortion, that is where they get their profit! The reason they are being investigated by Congress is because of the illegal things they have done! Susan Komen didn't want to continue to cooperate with evil, even though the money went for breast cancer screenings, because the company kills unborn babies! You can't deny that abortion is killing. The ten commandments say do no kill! We have become a nation of human sacrifice! Back to porn, they have every right to refuse a donation from an illicit source! I support their decision!
    Jesus had no qualms about receiving gifts from prostitutes and those of questionable moral character, why should you? Luke 7:36-50

    BTW, the ten commandments actually commanded that "thou shall not murder." One must note the use of ratzah over the term harag, the former being the hebrew term for murder and the latter being the term for kill. I am sure the moral difference between the meaning of the two terms is evident.
  3. by   Wild Irish LPN
    take the damn money!....The Komen Foundation is becoming a political force as each year goes by, and I too have issue with the stance on Planned Parenthood....seriously, focus on your cause and leave the politics out of it, or you may find people will stop giving all together....
  4. by   Wild Irish LPN
    Quote from ixchel
    It's a shame that sex isn't freely celebrated in all of its forms and venues. Consenting adults filming sex acts to be viewed by consenting adults is not morally wrong. Considering some of the disgusting products that have been pink washed in the name of this charity, I'm a little bit sick of all the pink, to be honest. This is a cause people desperately are seeking support for. I'm pretty sure my breast cancer survivor grandmother and friends wouldn't turn their nose up at the funding sources of this cause. Heck, Our presidential candidates have funding sources dirtier than porn.
    I couldn't agree more....the timing of the OP's post is kinda perfect to me...I have been feeling for a while that enough is enough with this mass marketing juggernaut called "Komen"...seriously, I believe that Breast Cancer is absolutely worthy of attention, and support the research of all cancer ....this powerhouse seems to be all exclusive of other causes and now is becoming political....eeesh, enough already...the fact that they have infiltrated every possible angle in the mass media is evidence enough, I mean the NFL dedicates a whole month for socks, wristbands and all...what about Mental Health causes, or Prostate Cancer awareness? your illness, where is that support and buy in from our National Media?....look, I am always in support of any good cause, and Breast Cancer is one of them...I just find the pretentious attitude that Komen feels they are now entitled to to be a little sickening....time for us to shift focus perhaps?....
  5. by   Wild Irish LPN
    Quote from brandy1017
    Planned parenthood's sole reason for existance is abortion, that is where they get their profit!
    never mind that they offer much needed health care and education for those who cannot aford it, never mind that they aid in stopping the epidemic of STD's, never mind that they care for those that cannot care for themselves, right?....seriously, I just shake my head at this level of ignorance....
  6. by   klone
    Quote from brandy1017
    Planned parenthood's sole reason for existance is abortion, that is where they get their profit!
    Are you serious?? Do some research. You are totally wrong.

    THREE PERCENT of the services they provide are abortion services.

    For MANY women, PP is the only preventive healthcare they receive or can afford. Yes, I said PREVENTIVE - as in pap smears, mammograms, and birth control.