Surgeons Remove Patient's Gall Bladder Through Vagina

  1. Science Daily -- Surgeons at the University of California, San Diego Medical Center have performed the first clinical trial surgery in the Southwest to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of performing abdominal procedures through the body's natural openings, virtually eliminating scarring.

    The UCSD Medical Center procedure involved removing the gallbladder through the patient's vagina without traditional incisions through the skin. Only one small incision through the naval was required to help guide the surgeon. This procedure received approval for a limited number of patients by UC San Diego's Institutional Review Board (IRB) which oversees clinical research.

    The procedure, called Natural Orifice Translumenal Endoscopic Surgery (NOTES), involves passing surgical instruments, and a tiny camera, through a natural orifice, such as the mouth or the vagina, to the desired organ. By avoiding major incisions through the skin, muscle, and nerves of the abdomen, patients may experience a quicker recovery with less pain and scarring while reducing the risk of post operative hernias.

    Santiago Horgan, M.D., a leader in minimally invasive and robotic surgery, and Mark A. Talamini, M.D., professor and chair of the Department of Surgery at UC San Diego Medical Center performed California's first NOTES surgery on a 42-year old San Diego resident. Her gallbladder was removed through the vagina during a 1.5 hour procedure. UC San Diego Medical Center is the third U.S.-based hospital to perform NOTES.

    "We are testing a whole new approach to minimally invasive surgery," said Horgan, director of minimally invasive surgery at UCSD Medical Center. "Yesterday's procedure went exceptionally well and we look forward to studying and comparing all the study results to determine if this surgery is a desirable option for patients."

    A total of four patients will be recruited for the UC San Diego NOTES clinical trial. One more female patient will have her gallbladder removed through the vagina and two patients will have the organ extraction performed through the mouth. If the IRB determines that the procedures are safe, approval will be granted to enroll more patients.

    "This emerging technique marks a pivotal time in the world of surgery and patient care," said Talamini. "With this approach, we are hoping to take minimally invasive surgery one step further in terms of reducing pain, scarring, and recovery time."

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  3. by   Crux1024
    OMG! I am speechless..

    The scarring now with a laproscopic GB removal is minimal enough that I personally wouldnt want it brought out of my vagina OR mouth (talk about Airway issues, Dr, I think I have a Gallbladder in my thoat...!!)

    Anyone up for this ??
  4. by   leslie :-D
    i just don't know what to think/say.
    i need to recover from the visuals, first.

  5. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    I think i can deal with the 3-4 band-aids on the belly. :stone
  6. by   SeaOtter67
    No way! I wouldn't do it either. Lap. chole. I think is the way to go. Virtually, no scars are detected - about 2 - 3/4" scars and they continue to fade with time.
  7. by   VivaLasViejas
    I have the 4 little scars on my belly, souvenirs of my lap chole. I'm OK with them. In fact, if I had the choice, I wouldn't have the surgery done any other way.........I got through it with no fuss, no muss, and very little pain after the first day. Somehow, with all the pain I've seen patients go through after a LAVH, I wouldn't really want ANYTHING removed through the vagina. Just my .$02 worth.
  8. by   nurz2be
    I had my gallbladder removed in '97 with only 3 scars, that are now basically not visible and I had my appendix removed with a lap procedure about 1.5 months ago. NO WAY I would want those procedures done through OTHER orifices. With my gallbladder I was back at work in 3 days and my appendix I was back in nursing class in 2 days. What is wrong with that recovery time? My next question is if it is "Less" invasive, will it be "LESS" expensive? It should be.

    Just my .04 cents
  9. by   zooz
    Anyone else think this new technique came about from ego more than any specific gain for the patient?

    It sounds like a magic trick gone wrong... "Look what I can do..." *YANK* "Ta da!"
  10. by   casi
    How specifically does one remove a galbladder through the vagina without making some sort of incision in the vagina?
  11. by   EmmaG
    Quote from zooz

    It sounds like a magic trick gone wrong... "Look what I can do..." *YANK* "Ta da!"


    I want to know how they remove the gallbladder from a male.

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  12. by   P_RN
    I want to know how they remove the gallbladder from a male.
    very carefully bada-bing!.

    THAT just blows my mind. I'm going to have that image in my brain all evening now!!!!

    BTW having just had enterocele surgery........that's NOT necessarily a pain/scar/trouble free zone AT ALL!!!!
  13. by   santhony44
    I think the lap chole is a wonderful thing. It is vastly better than the old open procedure.

    I don't see how this "new" thing is much, if any, improvement. I don't think I'd want to try it, myself.
  14. by   julesradio
    My mom got her gallbladder out in the late 80's early 90's and her surgeon was about 60 years old. He practically cut her in half. Her scar is half way across her abdomen.

    "Ma'am, you just gave birth to a bouncing baby gallbladder. Congratulations!!" :uhoh21: