Support: Prescription for Pennsylvania HB 700 removing scope of practice barriers

  1. pa state nurses stands behind the gov, rendell's[color=#3366ff] "prescription for pennsylvania" which enables nurses to provide all of the services for which they are educated.

    bill summary:
    an act amending title 40 (insurance) of the pennsylvania consolidated statutes, reforming the health care system by providing for access to affordable health insurance coverage for previously uninsured individuals and for small businesses, ensuring that charitable health care institutions meet their community benefit requirements, strengthening commonwealth oversight of health insurance rate increases, imposing certain duties on retail drug stores, hospitals and certain outpatient facilities to report price information, establishing the pennsylvania center for health careers and the health careers leadership council, removing barriers to individual health care providers from practicing to the full extent of their scope of practice, education and training, imposing certain health information technology requirements on health care providers, imposing patient safety obligations on hospitals and nursing homes, prohibiting smoking in areas open to the public, food service establishments and places of employment, providing for administration, imposing penalties and making repeals.

    ez letter to send to your state legislator:

    support hb 700!!!
    please contact your state representative/senator and urge them to support governor rendell's "prescription for pennsylvania."

    so many great reasons to support this legislation. karen
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    Something I did not know previously. Even though Bill 700 is still a bill, there has already been a change in the rules about healthcare coverage for children. Now just about every child in Pa qualifies for health coverage under Chip. That is reguardless of their parents income. I first heard of this while watching legislative hearings. Just yesterday I heard an advertisment about it for first time on TV.