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  1. by   RN BSN 2009
    3 words.........OMG
  2. by   CHATSDALE
    this is horrid..a pt with that degree of dementia does not belong in an assisted living facility
    anyone with a degree of control would spit out anything in their mouth esp anything like a rat

    i agree that there is more here than meets the eye
  3. by   burn out
    Why didn't someone do something when they saw him feeding the rat candy...that was bad enough.
  4. by   EwwThat'sNasty
    Sorry, I cannot take this at face value. A Norway Rat can turn around in a confined space barely enough to fit his body in. A Norway Rat (full size) can squeeze through a 3/8"'s bones are so flexible. On a farm once I cornered one with big stick..he disappeared like magic. Eventually I found that he had squeezed through this incredibly small opening.

    Unless, of course, said patient bit the rat who freaked out and severely injured tried to run down his throat.

    What an odd story!
  5. by   queenjean
    I agree, Ewww, and I guess I should clarify that what I meant in *my* post is that a rat is so big that there is no way someone wouldn't notice it in the mouth, or that it could have crawled in there without a fight. Even if it were dead and the resident forced it into his/her mouth, it's huge, and I just can't believe no one would notice a large rodent in his/her mouth. I mean, would anyone buy a story that a squirrel went undetected in a resident's mouth? It'd be curious, to be sure.

    In any case; poor patient!
  6. by   precious33
    God knows, maybe that place was so rat infested .How are human being working there?How we can be so inhumane to our own flesh and blood,helpless people and God knows how many of them are struggling and maybe, had died secondary to NEGLECT and UNDIAGNOSED LEPTOSPIROSIS.This is baddddddd.
  7. by   CityKat
    This is yet another example of why I chose to become a nurse. I couldn't live with myself if this happened with someone in my family. Someone said that LTC is heavily regulated? Where and how? If this is a form of regulation, than I am crazy. This is appalling
  8. by   morte
    Quote from StudentNurseBean
    This is yet another example of why I chose to become a nurse. I couldn't live with myself if this happened with someone in my family. Someone said that LTC is heavily regulated? Where and how? If this is a form of regulation, than I am crazy. This is appalling
    hmm that would be me.....remember this patient/client WAS NOT in a LTC home, he was in an ALF...different situation, different regs
  9. by   squeakykitty
    Quote from ingelein
    MY God!! How much more abuse can happen before LTC is REFORMED!Greed has allowed this industry to continue to critically understaff its facilities and to add insult to injury the oversight agencies are NOT enforcing their own laws to protect LTC patients. It is sickening, what will it take to FORCE change. After talking to many nursing home reform advocates from all over this country, I was told that NO CHANGE will happen in the current administration in Washington DC, STILL being unduly influenced by multibillion dollar a year LTC industry lobby. If the next administration, be they Democrat or Republican does not make reforms in LTC, LTC nurses will need to do as they did IN THE HOSPITALS and try to affect change IN THE LTC's, through a powerful union, like the CNA and get state staffing ratios that are doable and stiff fines if not followed. I really think that the nursing home wharehousing of our elderly needs to end anyway, there has got to be a better way. I was a LTC nurse for 27 years, and I am still disgusted at what these unscrupulous corporations have gotton away with and continue to get away with, its maddening!!!!
    What will it take?
    A lot of heavy fines for these places, the media raising a big stink of a scandal, a nationwide union, voters who will vote people out of office unless they can demonstrate that they care about the elderly.

    Most of all, it will take a whole lot of people who are willing to "rock the boat" to report the abuses, and ensure that LTC residents are taken care of. It's not enough to just quit a bad place.
  10. by   ElvishDNP
    This story, even if only a part of it is true, is beyond disgusting. I have told my husband numerous times, if I can't take care of myself anymore, please take me to a country where it's legal to shoot your wife and just get it over with. I'm of course kidding with that, but I'd much rather die than be put in some of the LTC/ALFs out there. This isn't a knock to the hundreds and thousands of great nurses/CNAs that work their buns off to take good care of their residents, it's outrage that those that DON'T do that are allowed to keep working.
  11. by   rnmomtobe2010
    SICK! SICK!!!! SICK!!!!!!!!
  12. by   Hoping LVN2BSN
    Icky!!! I couldn't even read the story.
  13. by   EwwThat'sNasty
    Searching on this turned up lot's of court oddities. There is uncertainty as to whether it was a rat or a field mouse. Testimony was given that it was a field mouse. There is confusion about if it was a poison trap or a glue trap but it seems that the trap went into the mouth. Most rat traps are a chemical like Warfarin, but since many rodents are now immune to warfarin, this kills them. However that usually kills a rodent over 1-3 days. And since the rodent weighs 1-12ozs (if rat) it seems unlikely that the person would have died in a very short period of time. It is not unconceivable that the person stuffed the rodent in trap and shoved all down the throat then died of asphyxiation. That could have occurred within a few minutes, and the best of facilities don't check on patients every few minutes. Nonetheless that facility does seem to have a negative record. Perhaps the person who is the culprit is the one that left the trap in the room.