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Study of U.S. Nurses Finds Young Leaving Profession; Nurse Shortage May Reach Crisis Sooner than Thought September 5, 2002 In one of the most far-reaching studies of... Read More

  1. by   steelcityrn
    Firts off, hats off to yet another fine study from the University of Pennsylvania! This study comes as no surprise to me. Most male nurses I have known are always admitting that nursing is "just a stepping stone". Most want to become a CRNP or a manager for some insurance company. Then after they work a few years of 12 hour " dog dead " tired shifts they realize that finding time for continued education is not there. Then they may find themselves becoming landscapers or fall back into construction. Nursing is a complicated profession that requires a person to dedicate themselves to giving all they have to making another person safe and healthy. What a awesome duty. Nursing schools have a duty to not sugar coat the work involved in a nurses shift no matter what specialty it is. This way a person can decide early in their career if they still want to dedicate time and money into a profession that is not for everyone.