Study looks at sleep deprived nurses and driving - page 2

Hospital staff nurses who work extended hours, work at night, struggle to remain awake at work, or obtain less sleep are more likely to experience a drowsy driving episode, according to a study... Read More

  1. by   S.T.A.C.E.Y
    I never thought I would have this problem as I'm used to LONG solo driving trips across the country, and from school to home, but this topic now has a little more significance to me.

    I actually did fall asleep while driving home from work. I woke up at the last stop light before my house, with a strange (very concerned) man leaning in my passenger window to make sure I was ok. I was stopped in the lane waiting to make a left, and fell asleep. I guess he tried to go around me, then saw I was passed out in the drivers seat. I was so scared and terrified that it had actually happened, that I could sleep for hours when I got home.

    So yes, it actually can happen.
  2. by   sayitgirl
    I have insomina now, so I work nights it works for me. But I remember trying to work after a 16 hour shift, it was difficult, almost fell asleep at the wheel. After that I never worked more than eight hour shifts. It is not worth your life or health. I take care of many patients that have fallen asleep behind the wheel....
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