Studies Show Lower Nurse Staffing Levels Contribute to Poor Patient Outcomes

  1. [font=arial, helvetica][font=arial, helvetica][font=arial, helvetica]hospitals with low nurse staffing levels tend to have higher rates of poor patient outcomes such as pneumonia, shock, cardiac arrest, and urinary tract infections, according to research funded by the agency for healthcare research and quality (ahrq) and others. key findings indicate that there is a significant correlation between lower nurse staffing levels and higher rates of pneumonia; the 30-day mortality rate and the likelihood of failure to rescue are higher when nurse staffing levels are lower; and that increasing nurse staffing levels does not significantly decrease a hospital's profits.

    [font=arial, helvetica][font=arial, helvetica][font=arial, helvetica]read the report "research in action: hospital nurse staffing and quality of care," at
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