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  1. state: elders' wishes often ignored
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    in another, nurses reinserted a feeding tube after a man repeatedly tore it out, tied it in knots and asked to have it removed. others seniors found pills ...

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  3. by   oramar
    Sorry, this article treats medical personel as the bad guys here. My experience is that the main reason for people's wishes being ignored is that relatives are attempting to meet their own needs. The senerio I see most often is a wife, that does not want to be a widow, ignoring frequent request by her spouse for less invasive proceedures or no proceedures at all. Husbands do it also but wives are the biggest problem. Do medical personel ignor wishes, sure they do, it happens but it is not the big problem. As for the nursing home Don requesting visitors check in with her. Well if you ever had a visitor that stole from your relative nursing home or even molested them you would know what was going on there. People who work in long term care are investigated out the wazoo but anyone can walk in anytime claim they are a relative and do just about anything.