St. Cloud nurse: New Orleans is 'like war zone'

  1. new orleans-new orleans "truly looks like a war zone" from the air, mike johnson said.

    the st. cloud hospital nurse has been working on katrina relief since arriving aug. 31 in louisiana.

    an air force reservist, johnson was called up to help evacuate patients from disaster areas so they could receive medical care in safer parts of the country. he's one of several central minnesotans aiding the relief effort in disaster areas.

    "there's houses that are completely gone and others just torn apart," said johnson, who in the past week has flown patients to texas, florida and colorado. "originally, most people had only the clothes on their back and no showers. hardly any of them had anything to drink for five days until they could get to the (super)dome and get food and water. it's pretty chaotic."

    full story: st. cloud nurse: new orleans is 'like war zone' [st. cloud times,mn]
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