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Your thoughts and concerns, please. Here's the article link and a portion of the article: Super-Strain Of TB Found In S. Africa Doctor: Drug-Resistant Form Of Tuberculosis Has Killed 52... Read More

  1. by   anonymurse
    Quote from ingelein
    I wonder if a day will come in this country when , in order to staff units with theses types of deadly illnesses, there will have to be some sort of "combat pay" offered.
    I know a biologist who was in one of the other government primate facilities when all the apes at the Reston facility got ebola and they had to call the military to come in and slaughter them all. Right after that, they called her in to sign a paper saying she wouldn't hold them liable for any disease she contracted there. Hate to say it, but right there that's management's idea of combat pay.
  2. by   indigo girl
    Man with extreme multi drug resistant TB sequestered in Arizona hospital, may remain confined until death? Difficult choice made to protect the public.
    He has already violated quarantine.
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    *shudders *........these bugs scare the hell out of me at times. MRSA, VRE, Super TB, SARS, Bird Flu, Super HIV. Its all over the place it seems these days. I'm sure its only a matter of time till one of us gets it, if we already don't have it. Over use of Antibiotics, what a shame.
  4. by   indigo girl
    No need to be afraid. Thru our awareness of the need to protect ourselves, and thru education of the best mitigation strategies, we can live with the bugs. There will always be more of them than of us, but we are smarter.
    We just have to pay attention, and have the will to act decisively when we need to.

    One more thing. We need to be OK about staying home when we are sick.
    That part of our culture needs to changed for the good of all of us.
  5. by   Atl_John
    *blushes*......I'm guilty as charged. I had to send myself home from the hospital Friday, I was sick and I knew it. Bad john bad.
  6. by   indigo girl
    Quote from Atl_John
    *blushes*......I'm guilty as charged. I had to send myself home from the hospital Friday, I was sick and I knew it. Bad john bad.
    I have also done this. We all have. It is very difficult to change this kind of behavior but the reason to do so is compelling.

    We don't want others to work short. We don't think we are very sick, and we can stick it out. Lots of reasons why we do this. Bosses are suspicious of our behavior so it's not just us. I see this one every day. I also see facilities that have signs posted at the door saying not to come in if you are sick, and they mean it.

    A national strategy to plan for emergency preparedness against some of these serious diseases, is dependent upon our willingness, and our awareness that we MUST stay home if we are sick. This behavior is designed to prevent the spread of disease. If we do not get better by staying home, then we seek medical care because it may be more obvious that we need it.

    There is no need for despair, and no time for it. What we need is realism,
    and the will to act to make the necessary changes. This form of TB is just one of the serious diseases out there. Practice behavior that is designed to protect yourself as well as others and you will be making a hugh difference
    for everyone.
  7. by   Ausculapius

    Of course, our government is doing a great job in defending us against these new super bugs.
  8. by   indigo girl
    Quote from Ausculapius

    Of course, our government is doing a great job in defending us against these new super bugs.
    Good catch! THANK YOU so much for finding this article. I remembered reading it, but forgot to bookmark it. You are so right about this one. Look at what the FDA are doing. Who are they serving? Is it the public?

    Quote from /
    The American Medical Association and about a dozen other health groups warned the Food and Drug Administration that giving cefquinome to animals would probably speed the emergence of microbes resistant to that important class of antibiotics, as has happened with other drugs. Those super-microbes could then spread to people.

    Echoing those concerns, the FDA's advisory board last fall voted to reject the request by InterVet Inc. of Millsboro, Del., to market the drug for cattle.

    Yet by all indications, the FDA will approve cefquinome this spring. That outcome is all but required, officials said, by a recently implemented "guidance document" that codifies how to weigh the threats to human health posed by proposed new animal drugs.
  9. by   Gromit
    We used to have a name for people who relied upon the government to save and protect them: "statistics". Of course "victims" works just as well

    Indigo is dead on target -when sick, we need to stay home. Of course, that policy that the hospitals have (about staying home when sick) needs to be honored by them as well -its all fine and well to tell everyone that the policy is to stay home when sick, but if you actually did that, your evaluation would suffer for it.
    Next best thing? Practice the basics!! Wash those hands, etc etc etc!!

    Now as far as this jerk is concerned (the patient in the article) how selfish can you get? He knowingly and willingly risked the lives of others! He should have been shot and buried -sorry, but thats what I believe you should do to those who would so willingly put the lives of others at risk -he did know and understand the orders, he just refused to follow them! My God, thats terrible!
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    New protocols for more user friendly TB care are working in other countries.
    World TB Day was the 24th of March. TB is still very much an issue in all parts of the world.
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    Thanks for the link and an excellent article, Indigo Girl.

    Since Floridia is a major player in the tourist industry, I believe that we need to pay even closer attention to infectious diseases.
  13. by   indigo girl
    What do you think that they should do with this man? He was told not to fly, but he did anyway? He knowingly, it seems, exposed other passengers on two different planes to XDR-TB.