Secrets of the Operating Room

  1. Fragile egos, obese patients and talking organs: A surgeon's view of what happens under the scalpel
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  3. by   Anxious Patient
    When I was getting a pre-op checkup from my primary doc, I asked what goes on when the patient is being operated on. His reply was "you don't want to know". After reading the article, I now know why. :uhoh21: But I'll probably read the book anyway.
  4. by   kdbean530
    I got to watch an exploratory surgery couple months ago. Best experience of my life! It's gruesome in there!
  5. by   BrandybunsRN
    Hmmmm I guess I'm not feeling too sympathetic today when I read this. $100 an hour you say? How about the nurse next to you who's back is also hurting from standing there for hours, holding back the fat as you have your temper tantrum? How about the nurse who cuts herself on that same instrument you just hurled across the room, as you had your temper tantrum? How about the nurse that's making less than 1/3 that amount of money you're complaing about, while you're having your temper tantrum? After all that.... and I doubt the nurse is sporting a new porsche she will have to "wait" a few hours to drive.

    Nope.... not feeling it today Doc.
  6. by   Rose_Queen
    I have to say, any good, supportive OR would not let this behavior fly. Sure, surgeons have their occasional moments, or quirks (we have one who drops at least one f-bomb per case, but is doing so at the situation, not the staff and we all understand because we've all dropped our own f-bombs at times). But it sounds almost like this surgeon makes having a tantrum his norm, not the exception. This is what drives away the good nurses. A good manager will nip this behavior in the bud, and take it up the chain as far as it needs to go, even to the hospital CEO if need be (and we've had that happen).
  7. by   mrmedical
    Looks like a good read, I might have to pick it up.