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  1. Sat 17 Apr 2004

    New plan to give nurses lead role in cancer care

    HEALTH Minister Malcolm Chisholm has revealed plans to give nurses a leading role in cancer care services.

    The Executive's Framework for Nursing People with Cancer in Scotland aims to strengthen the role of nurses working in cancer care.

    The Framework, which is the first of its kind in Scotland, will expand the number of consultant nurses working with cancer, promote more research into caring for people with cancer, provide better support for cancer nurses and ensure that all nurses have access to education on cancer as part of pre-registration nursing programmes.

    Mr Chisholm said: "Cancer is a significant cause of illness and mortality in Scotland and affects not only patients but their carers and families.

    "Nurses have a significant role to play in supporting patients and their families during this time."

    He added: "Building strong leadership within cancer nursing will help to ensure that nurses are able to influence the direction of care and services for people with cancer and their carers at local, regional and national levels.

    "Leadership is critical and this is acknowledged in the framework. New nurse leadership posts, in particular nurse consultants, must and will be created."

    Mr Chisholm stated that the development of progressive nursing would be key to raising the standards of care. He said: "Innovative cancer nursing care will necessitate the development of imaginative leaders who have a long-term vision, the ability to influence and the willingness to develop and take risks."

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