Schools may lose majority of nurses - California

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    vallejo public school nurse kathy hahn is responsible for the health care of 2,650 students, a number that could more than double if district budget cuts include nurses.

    of the nine registered nurses in the valley city unified school district, five were sent notices of potential layoffs on march 15. the elimination of those positions would save the district about $336,000, according to human resources department figures released march 10.

    the proposed cuts would leave four nurses districtwide to care for students who need special procedures every day. they would also be responsible for the rest of the student population, hahn said.

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    I read the article--THANK YOU. I'm getting ready to contact that guy in Michigan about the OT Law he mentioned. You told us about it on another string. Do you work as our administrator full-time? If not, when do you find time to earn a living?

    The article says that those nurses are unionized? Which union? If they are CNA, then why haven't they applied the nurse staffing law? I just read that 68 percent of California Hospitals are complying.

    I am waiting for some of my California colleagues to fill me in.

    Thanks Again,