School nurses use creative approach to stopping germs

  1. School nurse Pat Kelleher mimics picking her nose and asks a group of kindergartners: "What am I doing?" The kids gleefully reply: "Picking your nose!"

    "What happens when your finger goes up your nose?" Mrs. Kelleher asks. "What's up there?"

    Most of the kids are pleased that they know the answer: "Germs!" But a few answer "boogers," which is true, too.

    Mrs. Kelleher then passes out tissues to Debbie Engler's class at Freetown Elementary School in Glen Burnie, and reminds them how to blow their noses and properly throw away tissues.

    She also employs "Mr. Sneeze Machine" - a gussied-up water bottle - that shows how far sneeze droplets can travel. She also has a poem, and even songs and dancing.
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