School nurses play many roles for children

  1. Slowly, methodically, she counted pills, poured them back into their white bottle and logged the dosage information into a computer program. She organized boxes of inhalers and noted what was inside them, who they were for and when they must be used.
    Then, she locked up every drug in a red and black Craftsman tool chest, and locked that into a closet in her office.
    Burgin is the school nurse at Stiles Point Elementary School on James Island. Her vigilance with this back-to-school organizational ritual underscores the seriousness of her job. Kids' health can turn in a moment's notice, even with the best management.
    Last year, Burgin had to call EMS three times. Her office isn't a mini-hospital, and sometimes children need more help than she can give.
    "You never know what's going to come in that door," Burgin said. "You know exactly what to do, but you don't have any of the equipment."

    Full Story: School nurses play many roles for children they serve [Myrtle Beach Sun News,SC]
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