Save Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in Healthcare Costs: Reclaiming Meds The Answer?

  1. More States Hatch Plans to Recycle Drugs Being Wasted in… — ProPublica

    Anything that'll accru long-term monetary savings regarding healthcare costs, I'm all for it. It WOULD PROBABLY create a burdensome reporting/accountability framework, especially regarding narcotics. But that would just mean a little extra time/effort on the front-end to save more of it down the road. And who wants to see cancer drugs costing $1,000 a pop going in the garbage ad infinitum?

    "How much do you have to have, if just adding one coin makes you rich?"
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  3. by   rkitty198
    Like Scrooge, throw it away so that others can't have it. Big pharma = Scrooge. Reminds me of our CEO. Makes $8.00 a minute working, and doesn't even touch a patient. Dr's and nurses save lives and make pennies in comparison. Patients can't afford their medications. How can the CEO sleep at night knowing that he/she is making that amount of money, while we have patients who don't even want to take pain medications with stage iv cancer because it will increase their hospital bill. Shame of them all.