RWJUH nurses approve new contract, ending strike

  1. NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. - Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital's 1,300 nurses will start returning to work Thursday following their approval of a new contract, which ends a strike that began in late August.

    The nurses approved the three-year deal Sunday by a 769-117 vote.
    "I think the overwhelming feeling was relief that they could just get back to some sort of normalcy," said Jeanne Clark, a registered nurse and union officer.

    The hospital has been using replacement nurses since the Aug. 24 strike started.

    One of the key issues during the bargaining was health care coverage, which the union says has been greatly improved. In addition, the contract calls for the formation of a committee within the hospital, made up of both union members and hospital administration, to look into any ongoing issues with health care.

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  3. by   dskrninpa
    Count me as an RWJUH RN glad that this is over! Now we can move on and get back to taking care of our patients. I'm supposed to be on Thursday, but it is the first day back and there is a phase in, so I'm waiting to see.
  4. by   ironica01
    consemmatum est!!!