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  1. by   Annointed_RNStudent
    I'd love to see the robots respond to Patient refusing meds, spitting them out, putting them underneath their pillows, I think this foolishness will be out of the door as soon as they try to put them in units like Psych, see how much they respond to automation, LOL!
  2. by   Gromit
    Quote from Ceteris Paribus
    Eventually, it is likely that "artificial lifeforms" will replace both doctors and nurses. Once artificial intelligence is perfected it will be possible to create "robots" that LOOK and act like us except that they will have the equivalent of 300 IQ's (were it possible to measure an IQ that high) perfect memories, and access to the experience of essentially everything that has ever been written about medicine, pharmacology, and or nursing. and they won't ever need to eat, sleep or take vacations. Now this may take 50 years or it might take 5000 (most likely somewhere in between) BUT it is almost a certainly. There will eventually come a day when essentially EVERY job is performed by artificial lifeforms unless laws are passed to prohibit the practice. Would you be for or against such a thing IF it meant that we could save many more lives?
    Would I be for it? That depends on weather or not its MY job that this tinker toy is replacing.
    I'm not really worried about it, though. Robotics are a long way off from being able to actually replace nurses -no way is corporate going to rely on them to pass meds or make critical care decisions where human lives are at play -the ambulance chasers would have a field day!
    Of course, if they could get one to perform buttwiping duties, I wouldn't mind it.
  3. by   HuggyPuglet
    Good grief! I can't keep my desktop computer running reliably. The hospital's computers are atrociously unstable and frustrating. Our marvelous computerized pharmacy system is full of bugs that could be easily replaced by hiring 3 more competent pharmacists at a fraction of the cost of the new system. And now they want to replace nurses with computerized robots?

    I hope Bill Gates, in his old age, gets to be cared for by a mindless, pill pushing little robot who flashes the 'blue screen' every few seconds while sticking a probe up his behind. It would be fitting.
  4. by   nurseangel47
    OK. Enough sci-fi nurse/robot technology. Whatever gave the scientists the idea that they could ever create such a creature as a living, breathing, intelligent, articulate, critical thinking skills, pondering, sweating, empathetic, and wonderful human creature as we nurses?! way, no how, not in my lifetime...or in my kids' lifetimes, either, come to that! Not worried. Won't happen! Ridiculous waste of resourceful scientific knowledge and monies spent on something that cannot transpire!
  5. by   clemmm78
    guiding visitors to hospital beds? What? They can't find them on their own?
    That one has me really puzzles, seriously.
  6. by   lamazeteacher
    Florence Nightingale will be "rolling in her grave".
  7. by   irishrover
    Whoa-- you get a pee break?
  8. by   lamazeteacher
    We need more n5,000+++ studies now, regarding human beings' lifespan expectation with and without enough (whatever enough is) human interaction.....
    I've lived alone, without working for almost a year now, and no family or friends, in a strange (Santa Cruz, CA) place, where cars proudly ear bumper stickers exclaiming "Keep Santa Cruz weird!. I was almost fired (I quit) from the position here that I'd moved across the country for, as Employee Health Nurse, for refusing to sign off a new employee as having had a negative drug test, when the Administrator said it was inconvenient for that PA, and since he was married to a physician...... At least robots could be heaped in a storage room when they wear out, and worries about drugged, boozed ones might not be a problem.