Rhode Island nurse among 18 honored with hero award

  1. A Rhode Island nurse who saved a woman from drowning is among 18 people to be honored in Pittsburgh today with Carnegie Medals for heroism.
    Christine Provencal, of Cumberland, jumped into the snowy Providence River in December 2003 to save Marie Lamour. Lamour had lost control of her Jeep and plunged into the frigid water.
    Provencal is being honored by the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission. It meets five times a year to choose heroes based on news reports and tips to its site. Awards include a bronze medal and 35-hundred dollars.
    Industrialist Andrew Carnegie started a hero fund in 1904 after being inspired by rescue stories from a mine disaster that killed 181 people.

    Source: http://www.abc6.com/engine.pl?statio...%25M+%25e,%25Y
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