Report: nurse burnout still critical problem (Canada)

  1. WOLFVILLE-Atlantic Canadian nurses continue to face heavy workloads, overtime, high stress and burnout, a new study says.

    But the study by the Centre for Organization Research and Development at Acadia University also says that concerns haven't been ignored by people involved in the field.

    There have been improvements such as provincial nursing strategies, increased places in university for training new nurses and grassroots workplace, says the study, funded by Health Canada. have all occurred recently.

    But there is still more to be done, the study shows, because freeing up more spaces in universities hasn't solved the problems of understaffing and high workloads that result in high rates of overtime, high absenteeism, stress and burnout.

    Michael Leiter, who headed the study, said it considered recommendations that are contained in many national policy documents aimed at improving health care.

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