Reading the news has a way of crushing your spirit

  1. Hospital: Mom booted from ER who died in jail was treated appropriately

    Officials at a St. Louis hospital on Thursday defended their actions in the case of a homeless woman who sought treatment for a sprained ankle and died in police custody after being arrested for refusing to leave the emergency room.

    I am hear there are more detailed articles regarding this event (according to the comments at the end of the article).
    My question is, with all the recent stories of people having hardships due to the recession and losing their jobs and their homes, how come a social worker was advocating for this poor woman and her kids?
    Yes, she should have had those kids with her mom the minute the lights and water turned off, making it unsafe for them. But, we all know (I do) how hard it is when you have been an independent, self sufficient adult to start relying on other people for your survival. She probably looked for another job and couldn't find any. In the long run, that has a way of breaking your spirit. No wonder her mind started breaking.
    I guess what I am really sad about is that she died alone and in pain, and she probably had not seen her kids in a long time.
    I am not blaming the ER, am blaming the system for failing this woman and her family.
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  3. by   travkitty
    It IS tragic. This woman basically fell victim to a perfect sh*tstorm. She also happened to have a clot (or more) that went undetected by MORE THAN ONE hospital despite full work-ups. She just was one of the unlucky ones.

    That being said, now the ER staff is being threatened, being called racist & the false word getting around is that the ER completely denied her care. I do find it interesting that every story DOES say that she passed all the exams. Of course, people only hear what they want to hear.

    I do find it interesting that NO ONE seems to be asking what exactly was she saying or doing to get arrested? How many times have we said on here that, even when in pain, it's no excuse to be abusive to the healthcare staff? Let's face it...the way the articles read, she WAS exhibiting what many would call textbook drug-seeking behavior. Plus, negative test results. I really don't know what the hospital could have done differently.

    Now, the police are a different matter. Having watched the jail video, they just dragged her into the cell & left her on the floor. least put her in the bed.
  4. by   LaughingRN

    I didn't watch the video, because I don't want to visualize someone's last minutes of life being filled with pain and terror and sterility.

    Working in the ER, I can see how this situation happened, but it still doesn't make it right.