Reading Hospital lays off 106 workers

  1. Reading Hospital lays off 106 workers

    Management jobs reduced by 13 percent; services, programs won't be cut, president says

    Reading Hospital laid off 106 employees Wednesday in the final phase of its plan to reduce what had been a 6,400-employee work force, the hospital announced in a press release.

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    Reading Hospital is a 665-bed West Reading facility in scenic Berks County (a suburb of Philadelphia) consists of a 22-building complex located on a 36-acre suburban campus.
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  3. by   lpnflorida
    At least no bedside nurses were affected.
  4. by   Vito Andolini
  5. by   VickyRN
    Just a symptom of how very broken our health care system is.
  6. by   suni
    I am just happy I still have a job. There is a nursing shortage but unfortunately there is also a shortage in patients due to loss of insurance due to high rate of unemployment. Of course the other factor is how reimbursement is affecting hospitals and they also are taking a hit on their investment portfolios. I am not sticking up for hospitals but realize how the economy is affecting all of us.
    However I do agree that no bonuses should have been handed out, every one needs to take a hard look at things and what is best for the business and yes healthcare is a hugh business.
    I never thought I would have to worry about a lay off.
  7. by   srkerk
    A hosptial in Dallas closed their doors a couple of months ago.

    So sad!
  8. by   Tony1790
    Here in TN Wellmont Health systems is going through a tough time, we are on round 2 of layoffs, this time bedside nurses and CNA's are being cut, and to think that I graduate in August and now may not find a job. I was promised one at my hospital before this, now they say to look elsewhere, no openings.
  9. by   HURN
    I'm really starting to worry about my job security too. The company I work, Sentara Healthcare in Hampton Roads, VA, hasn't done layoffs yet but some of the other major hospital in the area has. Thinking about joining the military.
  10. by   FLmomof5
    You can work for the military without joining the military. If you go to, you can apply to work as a civilian at a military hospital. This eliminates the risk of deployment for those who have families. According to a nurse I spoke with at NAS JAX here in FL, the military starts nurses at GS-9.
  11. by   HURN
    Thanks for that. I visited the site and wow so many jobs out there! I actually found a few here in my home area. My only problem is I'm repaying employment time to my employer and the state for scholarships. That's why I thought the military would be a good idea. I could get job security, great benefits for my son and myself, and I could fulfill my student loan obligations.

    Thanks again
  12. by   Epona
    Hi HURN. I am soon to be an HU grad. also! In reference to Sentara.. they are not hiring new grads. at present and I heard the L&D unit at the Sentara Care Plex closed.

    TONY- I am graduating now and cannot find a job. NEVER thought this would happen. I am an honor grad with a BS already and now another degree in Nursing and still cannot get a job. Not good.
  13. by   HURN
    Hi Epona. I know it sucks. I did my year and a half hoping to be able to transfer but I'm stuck. I can't even get another job within Sentara, I guess I'm still considered a new grad. I went to and found lots of jobs within the VA system. If you don't have any obligations to stay in this area or work for Sentara I say try to look outside of this area. A coworker of mine whom I graduated with just found a job w/Nova in northern VA. I would relocate if I could but I have a 9yr old and received scholarships from Sentara and the state. Good luck to you and hang in there.
  14. by   Safe_Passage
    If you are willing to relocate, there are still jobs out there.