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Reading Hospital lays off 106 workers Management jobs reduced by 13 percent; services, programs won't be cut, president says Reading Hospital laid off 106 employees Wednesday in the final... Read More

  1. by   GeorgiaK
    I agree. the benefits are great.
  2. by   Sehille4774
    Quote from lpnflorida
    At least no bedside nurses were affected.

    wrong..alot of nurses were shifted around...and told you can keep your job if you agree to work night shift now on 'x' unit. Some nurses were laid off like LPN's. One lpn who used to be a monitor tech was told she could go back to that job if she wanted to stay. One of my professors was a pain management expert that is also a Critical care nurse, and always worked in those areas lost her position and had to go med-surg. so id would say alot were affected.