Protection against 'problem' nurses - page 9

Nurses fired for stealing drugs would get reported. So would pharmacists who lost their jobs for making repeated and serious mistakes. Also listed would be respiratory therapists who hit and abused... Read More

  1. by   diane227
    I have nothing to hide. I have never had an action brought against my license and I can tell you with certainty that it will never happen. As a manager I would have welcomed a registry like this to help me screen potential employees. However, anyone hiring a nurse can check with the board of nursing for their state to see if the nurse has had or is currently having an action taken. This whole idea of a registry may be redundant. Currently in every state it is required that you report it when you terminate a nurse for cause. If the previous manager fails to report it to the board, there is no way to track it. Often, the reason these nurses get tossed from place to place is because no one has reported them to the board. And believe me, when you suspect a person of injuring a patient there are ways to get this investigated and get them reported, even if you don't think you have enough to go on.