Project HOPE Sends Local Nurses to Asia

  1. [font=New]The expertise of seven Winchester Medical Center nurses is being put to good use half a world away, on a hospital ship positioned off the coast of tsunami-devastated Banda Aceh, Indonesia.

    The nurses are on the U.S. Navy ship Mercy through an aid effort sponsored by the Millwood-based nonprofit organization Project HOPE.

    Project HOPE provides help to people around the world who are in need of medical assistance.

    It wasn't difficult to make the decision to go and help the victims of the Dec. 26 tsunami that destroyed a swath of South Asia, operating room nurse Betty Bensenhaver of Whitacre wrote this week in an e-mail to The Winchester Star.

    "When I watched the TV coverage of the overwhelming devastation, I wished there was something that I could do. Weeks later when this offer came, I couldn't say no," she states.

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