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    I take back my MD, PhD comment. It should really be PhD, MD. Educational degrees precede professional titles.
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    thanks for the post! very informative
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    Quote from futurenursgteacher
    I did my clinicals in Mental Health and I was heart-broken over some of those people. Hence, I know I cannot work in mental health, I would go home every night and cry.
    That's the same reason I can't work in pediatrics.

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    And honestly, I am one who will put all the letters after my name because, you know what? I worked my behind off to get those letters and I deserve them. I cannot believe the mean spiritedness of some of those people. Most nurses I know are kind, caring, compassionate people. I believe most people period are kind, good people. Otherwise, what are we doing in this profession? Why help people if you believe them to be undeserving? Am I the only one who who thinks this?
    Unfortunately, the Internet tends to bring out the worst in people because they think (key word) they are anonymous, that there's no way they can be traced and held accountable for their words. I'd bet that most of the posters who posted unkind comments wouldn't dare say them to anyone's face.
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    Quote from Meriwhen
    I used to work with someone whose daughter was a NASCAR nurse at Bristol. She said it wasn't too bad unless there was a wreck--then things would get interesting.

    I'm surprised they've never heard of flight nurses either.

    I'll settle for being the Disneyland nurse when I grow up.
    In the Air Force one of our special duty assignments is White House nurse. I think that's cool!
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    Quote from PMFB-RN
    A friend took a job as the nurse on the "nurse call line" for an insurance company. She has standard advice she is supposed to give to people who call. It's all on a template and all the advice she gives is approved by her medical director. The advice is basic, or she advises them to go the urgent care or ER. She can also make appointment for people right from her computer. Best of all she does it from home. No commute, no getting dressed up. She had a baby and only took a couple day materity leave. Last time I was over there she was alternating between planting her garden, breast feeding her baby and talking to people via her headset. By now she knows all the approved advice by heart and only needs to log into the computer to make people appointments. This allows her to be anywhere in her house (or yard) doing pretty much anything. She loves it. It's like being a stay at home mom with a good pay check and benifits.
    Last time I talked to her she said they were setting her up with a company cell phone and tablet that would literly allow her to do her job anyplace she could get a cell signal. She is super excited and I am jelous