Popular Hospital Shows Panned By Nurses Group

  1. "grey's anatomy" has aired 12 episodes so far this season, and a nurses group doesn't like half of them.

    the show tops the center for nursing advocacy and the american journal of nursing's annual list of the worst media portrayals of nurses. the center said the show "makes a point of attacking the profession" of nurses and makes them look like "fawning or bitter losers with no significant role in hospital care."

    five episodes of "house" ranked second on the worst list, and episodes of "scrubs" and "six feet under" also made the list. three episodes of "er" made the worst list, while two other episodes made the best list.

    full story: popular hospital shows panned by nurses group [boston channel.com, usa]
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  3. by   supermo
    here is the webpage with lots more info..

    and you can click on
    worst portrayals of nursing in the media
    to get more details on the specific episodes.

    man, i think i got too much time on my hands... good thing classes start back next week!