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DENVER-Suggesting that 20 years in prison was not enough punishment for the crime, a federal judge on Friday rejected a plea agreement for a former hospital technician and drug user who admitted that... Read More

  1. by   lifeistweet
    Why did this lead to firing of rns?
  2. by   leslie :-D
    Quote from HeatwaveRN
    At least read the article
    she is not a nurse so stop referring to her as one
    last noc on "inside edition", they had this story, and referred to her as a nurse.
    i've read links that say surgical tech or nurse.

  3. by   dreams2bnurseco
    Quote from lifeistweet
    Why did this lead to firing of rns?
    I'm not sure how it led directly to other investigations - I think maybe other hospitals felt they had to take extra precautions since this tech worked at two different facilities before being caught, and a few hospitals actually discovered they had some offenders on their staff who just so happened to be nurses. Other surgical techs may have been fired, too, I just remember hearing cases of RN's being let go.
  4. by   DoGoodThenGo
    Technicians, nursing assistants, and so forth, both licensed/certified and unlicensed work under the direction and license of a RN. When stuff hits the fan from something an aide or tech does, it can take down the RN as well. Once the legal department of a hospital gets involved, all bets are off. Even the most determined head nurse or DON may not be able to save you (the RN), especially if there is the treat of lawsuits.

    Of course one does not know what exactly was turned up, but leaving narc filled syringes lying about and or not taking proper precautions with any sort of meds, especially controlled substances is a huge no no.

    Thing is lots of things are often "done" that aren't strictly by the book, but that won't be enough to save you should something happen. There are lots of different personnel in OR's these days, many are unlicensed and quite honestly you have no idea where they came from. Again a simple background check on the tech in question would have turned up at least her current arrest record, that in itself should have raised a few flags.
  5. by   HeatwaveRN
    techs and cna's have their own license and, therefore, their own scope of practice.

    I honestly don't know why it would be the RN's fault. Unless the RN leaves NARCS and needles lying around for that awful tech to pick up and use. RN's are not the only ones with access to medications. Pharmacists and pharmacy techs have access to these, as well. People that work in the lab have access to needles and syringes. It's possible she received these meds from these people; it's also possible she received them from a nurse. The surg techs I've seen were working side-by-side with a surgeon. In that case, I don't think the surg tech at that time is working under the RN.

    In my place of work (very busy TCU floor), some liquid narcs have a special cap that has to be taken out before use. If it's not there, it may have most likely been tampered with. Sometimes they come in a glass vile that needs to be broken, of course it can only be used once. PO narcs are always counted in the PYXIS, of course. These are just some safety measures we do. When in doubt I don't use it.
  6. by   jlcole45
    20 years is not enough. Do the have the death penalty in CO?
    Because that's what might happen to some of the patients she

    I'm sorry but I have ZERO tolerance for the sort of thing,
    and she should be charged with attempted murder.
  7. by   CBsMommy
    I live in CO too and have always asked the question of how she got ahold of these needles, shot herself up, refilled them with saline ALL without getting noticed at TWO different facilities. AFTER, she already had theft charges and a history of this in New Jersey.

    The bigger question is, how can she still not care? She shows no remorse. That judge should lock her up. And, yes, we do have a death penalty. We've executed one person since 1976...
  8. by   jlcole45
    Actually maybe life without parole would be better punishment....
  9. by   NurseSnarky
    Still trying to figure out HOW she got ahold of narcs in the OR in the first place. The only person getting narcs and using them are the anesthesia docs/CRNA...could the docs/CRNA have left needles behind unattended, and then this SURGICAL TECH (not a NURSE) grabbed it, used it, then filled it up with something else, then put it back down & that's how it got used on other patients? It just boggles my mind she did this and then how did she get the access to narcs and place the needle BACK into circulation? The only thing I can come up with is that she had to make it appear that the needle/syringe was still filled and not "missing". But then if RNs lost their jobs over this...hmmmm?

    I emailed Inside Edition because it was crap that they headlined the story on air and on their site that she was a "Nurse"...why? Well it sells more "tickets" I guess. ARGH!
  10. by   labrador4122
    wow! this is truly to me it breaks my heart to see all these lives ruined by these individuals.