Pioneering nurse to retire after 38 years at hospital

  1. when she went to school, segregation still existed making it hard for people of color to succeed in their chosen professions.
    "i entered nursing school at a time when there was not a school of nursing in mississippi that would accept african-americans," mcdaniel said. " the state paid stipends to us for out-of-state professional careers."
    a 1962 graduate of w.a. higgins high school, mcdaniel found a nursing program in st. louis, mo. which was affiliated with tougaloo college.
    just a few weeks after graduating from tougaloo in 1967, she began working at the hospital as assistant supervisor on the night shift.
    though retiring from an office position, mcdaniel said nursing will remain a part of her life.
    "bedside nursing will always be close and dear to my heart because it is there that the pulse of life is experienced in the spiritual, physical and mental being," she said.

    full story: pioneering nurse to retire after 38 years at hospital [clarksdale press register,ms]
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