Physicians & Nurses: Immigration Primer - Q&A

  1. leading immigration attorney carl shusterman recently hosted a chat regarding nurses and physicians

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    [font=verdana, geneva, helvetica]question #5: i have a sister in the philippines who passed the cgfns exam and i am wondering if you know of any hospitals that are sponsoring nurses for immigrant visa (green card), not h1-b?

    [font=verdana, geneva, helvetica]carl shusterman: yes, our law firms represents over 100 hospitals, all of which are sponsoring nurses for permanent residence, and most of which will pay our legal fees. for a list of some of these hospitals, see:
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    [font=verdana, geneva, helvetica]also, our firm offers a free service where we help nurses with cgfns for state licenses find jobs with our clients' hospitals. see:
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    [font=verdana, geneva, helvetica]question #6: hi. i got residency after a j-1 visa waiver. i just sent my papers to the ins. but my program people are stressing me to start work. can i work prior to getting permission from the ins? if i work, can i get the salary?

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  3. by   KCIN
    are physicians also gfetting green cards?
  4. by   suzanne4
    Physicians can only get green cards after they do a residency again in the US. And that takes years, that is why many have switched in to nursing. RNs are currently beign expedited.