Philippine Healthcare Professionals Elect To Remain Home

  1. Aging Baby Boomers Face Losing Care as Filipinos Go Home

    Stephanie Chan spent four years at Manila Doctors College qualifying to work as a nurse overseas. She never left the country. Instead, she switched careers and now earns almost as much monitoring people's finances.

    Chan is one of thousands of Filipinos each year who study to become health workers to boost their chance of a higher income overseas. She's also now part of a growing trend of workers who are opting not to go. Chan now works at a call center in Manila, where she reminds Macquarie Bank Ltd. credit- card holders to make payments.

    "I'm thankful this career opportunity opened up for me," said Chan, 23, who works the night shift at a business-process outsourcing company and lives at home with her parents. "If I can maintain a relatively high standard of living as a customer- service representative, why go overseas to work as a nurse?"
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