Phila:Children's Hospital (CHOP) plans to create pediatric nurse research program

  1. [font=verdana,geneva,arial,helvetica,sans-serif]found at physicain news digest:

    [font=verdana,geneva,arial,helvetica,sans-serif]children's hospital of philadelphia (chop) unveiled plans to create a pediatric nursing research program.
    philadelphia business journal, december 18, 2006

    chop has recruited four nurses with doctorates to lead and develop the new program, while chop nurses are involved in about 85 research projects spanning multiple subspecialties and care methods in areas including diabetes, hiv, patient safety, cpr, breastfeeding and end-of-life care, reported the business journal. officials said the addition of the new nurse researchers will enhance the opportunity for all chop nurses to contribute to research and innovations in patient care, the business journal added.

    the west philadelphia hospital has recruited four nurses with doctorates -- sharon barton, kathleen philbin, katherine finn davis and elizabeth ely -- to lead and develop the new program.

    "nursing research is a way to answer questions specific to nursing clinical practice and patient outcomes as well as examine nursing education and leadership methodologies and results," said leslie clarke, senior vice president and chief nursing officer at chop.
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