Pharmacy Gives out Free Antibiotics

  1. Meijer, a midwestern store like Target has just implemented a new program that allows patients with a doctor's prescription to get 14 days of free antibiotics. I am in Ohio, and I saw a posting at my local store about this program. There is not much information available...I'm not sure if this is a limited time deal or does not appear to be, from the press release listed on the website.

    Any thoughts on whether this a good thing or bad thing? Could this cause more people to push their doctors for antibiotics, since patients know they won't have to pay for them....leading to more antibiotic-resistance?
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  3. by   daisey_may
    Well, it definately has the potential to be bad, but there isn't a lot of information.

    Are they handing it out like candy? Like here's your methylphenadate, oh and by the way, have a complimentary 14 day supply of amoxicillin? Or is it, if any of those antibiotics are prescribed, they could potentially be free?

    Because otherwise how else would a "normal dose" like the one the article refers to be calculated? What about allergies and tolerances and interactions?

    There just has to be something else involved.
  4. by   33-weeker
  5. by   LiveZen
    From what I understand:

    You have to take in a prescription, and you can only get that specific drug.

    The drug also has to be on their list of free ones.

    You get a maximum of a 14 day supply.
  6. by   oramar
    most of the drugs on that list are dirt cheap anyway but the ceftin and cipro are stil pretty pricy