Patient Dies of 'Flesh-Eating Bacteria' - page 2

GAINESVILLE, Ga. - A nursing home patient has died of an ailment commonly known as "flesh-eating bacteria," state health officials said Wednesday. The condition, called necrotizing fasciitis, is... Read More

  1. by   renerian
    MIke your right it is very frustrating and painful to endure and watch your loved one suffering with it.

    Thanks everyone,

  2. by   ARmickie
    Thanks all. Our family has coped, and healing has been a slow process. However, as sad as it was, the death will not be in vain. I'm not the only one who was inspired by him and his life. We jokingly said that he was sitting on my shoulder whispering in my ear the right answers on the entrance exam! Let's hope he's still there in the morning when I take the all important NET