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  1. by   indigo girl
    Commentary on the withdrawal of advice from the US Consulate to their staff and Americans living in Hong Kong and Macao, regarding a need to shelter in place and prep for a 12 week period if pandemic avian flu occurs. From the Reveres at Effect Measure:

    Quote from /
    Public officials now need to be much more rigorous in what they say and how they say it. The number of eyes watching is much greater than ever before ...This means much more care will have to be taken to think through what is said, what the evidence for it is and why it is being said at all. If CDC, for example, were to go through their websites and clean them of outdated and erroneous information both the agency and the public would be better off...
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    From the Dept. of Homeland Security, who I think, will be in charge should a pandemic occur. Is that a really a good idea? This is from their website:

    Commentary from Recombinomics regarding the squabbling about the Fujian-like strain of avian flu, and the hoarding of viral sequences:
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    I was wondering how many people have a Pandemic plan for themselves and/or family? My family and I have one.
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    On WHO's new Director General, Magaret Chan:

    Pathogenicity and immunogenicity of influenza viruses with genes from the 1918 pandemic virus:

    Plavix may hinder action of Tamiflu. How many physicians are aware of this?
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    US Gov't Site in Tunisia recommending prepping for sheltering in place for up to 12 weeks, but don't be surprised if the information or advice suddenly disappears:

    An article on the protective effect of Vitamin D. My own physician, an MD and a naturopath has me on LIQ 20, Vit D 6,000 IU daily to help protect my bones. Will I get fewer URI's this winter as an extra benefit? That would be a pleasant surprise. is one link where you can find liquid vitamins. I'm sure there are others. Again, always check with your doctor even if it's just vitamins.
    Here's the article on Vit D:
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    More outbreaks in poultry in Egypt:
  7. by   indigo girl
    This article describes a canine influenza that is currently occurring across the US. It has important implications for humans also:

    Quote from Dr. Niman
    It is also worth noting that dogs and horses are mammals and H3 is a mammalian (including human) serotype and flu evolves via reassortment and recombination.
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    American Ambassador's letter to American citizens in Vietnam, seriously, you should read this, dated from April 2006:

    End to End Preparedness for Pandemic Influenza, a conference:

    Local public healthcare workers perception of response in a pandemic emergency:
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    Jeffrey Taubenberger Video Cast from 8 Nov 2006 on 1918 Flu and Pandemics:
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    Two new unrelated human cases of avian flu in Indonesia:
  11. by   indigo girl
    Characterization of the 1918 Flu Virus - Taubenberger et al
    This work explains why the similarity in some gene sequences between the 1918 and the current H5N1 is cause for concern:
    Access to articles : Nature

    Of the two new cases in Indonesia, one has already died:
    Indonesia: Bird flu kills 2-year-old -

    Commentary from Effect Measure on Infection Models:
    Effect Measure

    Safe and Hygenic Animal Care:
    Fencing out the bird flu

    Information on Tamiflu:
    WHO - Antiviral Drug: Oseltamivir* (Tamiflu) - FluTrackers
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  13. by   The_Iceman
    i personally think that the flu vaccine is nothing more than a government conspiracy, here is my theory. the pharmaceutical companies are paid by the center for disease control (cdc) to develop a vaccine that includes an inactive flu virus at the time of injection. the flu strain is actually encased in something that makes it act as time-released, ie once injected, over time the substance that encases the flu strain is eventually dissolved and the flu strain is released into the person injected. this then spreads and this person now has "contracted" the flu. the areas of interest that would benefit from this theory include: 1-the pharmaceutical companies that develop the initial vaccine 2-the pharmaceutical companies / drug store chains that sell the treatment for the persons who have contracted the flu 3-the doctors who treat the patients 4-most importantly, the government, as they receive taxes and other benefits from everyone along the chain, ie every time someone has to visit the doctor/buy pharmaceuticals/the initial vaccine/insurance company payments, the government receives taxes from all of the money that exchanges hands. when one visits the doctor after the flu strand has grown and replicated, if you tell them that you had the flu vaccine and ask them why you contracted the flu anyway, they will tell you that if you did not receive the vaccine, you would have had the flu much worse and could have been hospitalized and/or possibly died. there is my theory and reason why i do not get the flu vaccine. just a thought...