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  1. by   indigo girl
    Hello Fredness,
    I am glad that you have posted here. I am very much aware of Fluwiki, and the other sites, and have no hesitation recommending them to those who are interested.
    We do have to be very careful about recommendations regarding any herbal remedies. Everyone on this site knows that we are not allowed to give medical advice as per the TOS.
    So anything other than medical care is not a substitute for what your doctor may give you. That said, I agree that herbals, statins, and I would add homeopathic information should be made available also, and that you should go to Fluwiki or Flutrackers to get that information. Realistically, Tamiflu may not be available for everyone, and may not be effective for everyone. I think that out of necessity, you may need other information, and that is why you should know where to find it.
    My own personal choices are a little different from Fredness, but the thinking behind it is much the same. Anyone should feel free to PM to discuss this at any time.
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  2. by   fredness
    I am not a physician and did not intend to offer medical advice. Simply sharing time I spent reading studies in PubMed and personal conclusions.

    Watching the Update on AntiViral Drugs and Strategies For Their Use from the University of Washington Regional Pandemic Influenza Conference, I was suprised to see the spike in amantadine resistance of the H3N2 strain go from 20%-90% in 2003. Bad news. Just as HIV treatments may include multiple antivirals we may need to consider the same for H5N1. Some of the studies cited describe how some plants increased the efficacy of amantadine/rimantadine.

    I am reading parts of The Great Influenza by John Barry. There are more than a few alarming pages in that book. p. 348 says "in some areas the mortality rate reached 30%". I understand the avg was 2% but apparently that was not the case everywhere. We need all the help we can get.

    A big discussion on the FluWiki now is the role of Public Health Officials in educating the public. I don't see the gov't website advertised to the degree that you would expect considering the gravity of the message that it conveys. There appears to be a great chasm between the scientists and the media attention. There are pages and pages of plans from various departments but how much is being put into the hands of the public? It is rare to find an official to publicly advise people to prep for 3 months of possible isolation but that seems to be a minimum consensus based on experience and models. The Institute of Medicine held a workshop on the The Role of Community-Based Mitigation Strategies During an Influenza Pandemic

    Non pharmaceutical intervention is a big part. (We know that pharmaceutical interventions will be insufficient.) They concluded early school closure could reduce the peak which also reduce the strain on healthcare providers. Determining the trigger of when to is the hard part. One presenter estimates is that if a pandemic on the scale of 1918 happened today we would lose as many childen as die from all causes in 20 years.

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  3. by   indigo girl
    Italy: Are they culling wild, migratory birds or farm-bred ducks? I couldn't tell.
    Funding studies to look at multifactorial causes of infectious disease.

    Cosper123, this article agrees with some of what Dr. Martin Williams has been saying, and certainly does make sense:
    The WHO accuses the Chinese of not sharing avian flu samples. This has been said before.
    British scientists have created a new map of bird migration patterns for use as warning system.
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    Whoa! Water companies are making serious plans to protect the water supply should a pandemic situation occur. Amazing...
    Quote from /
    Some employees may need to stay on the job and be sequestered to avoid coming in contact with the virus. A written plan for these employees and their families should be created so that supplies and necessities are on-site before a pandemic hits.
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    Scroll far down the page to read this article that makes some very important points about Bali:
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    Report of a WHO working group - September 2006

    China Says No Evidence of New Bird Flu Strain:

    Continued Hoarding of H5N1 Sequences - Commentary from Recombinomics

    CIDRAP - 2 Nov 2006:

    Effect Measure - Science Background - Links to Parts III and IV:
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    CDC has ordered avian flu vaccine for medical personnel:

    The need for ornithologists and ecologists to be involved in H5N1 study and research:
    African Map of Spread of H5N1
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    Major news from out of China on the history of H5N1:

    Commentary on China from Effect Measure:
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    On the election for the Inspector General of the WHO - Effect Measure:

    The wrong DNA can worsen flu symptoms
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    At this time, the severity of disease in an avian influenza infection appears to be related to the loading dose. It is apparent that reducing viral load early in the disease process should be an important goal leading to better outcomes.
    So what about those people for whom Tamiflu will not be an option, or for those whose infection is with a Tamiflu resistant strain? Additionally, helping your body to become more resistant to viral infection is another important goal.

    With those goals in mind, this information is offered, and of course, it is not medical advice, nor is it a substitute for medical advice. Please read the disclaimers, and speak with your physician about this information.
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    Can you believe this? They are going to be sending poultry products from Idonesia to the Middle East!!! OMG!