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    Commentary on H5N1 infection of a veterinarian in Mongolia this week, the first human case in that area:
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    It is not clear if the infection was linked to a lab procedure by the veterinarian/scientist, or was acquired through proximity to infected birds. Earlier media reports described a massive outbreak of H5N1 in Tuva and adjacent areas in Mongolia.
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    From the WHO:

    Global Pandemic Influenza
    Action Plan to Increase Vaccine Supply
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    The Great Pandemic of 1918, State by State:
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    This dog died in 2004, but the report is recent. The conclusion is worthy of note:
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    Our results demonstrate that, as has previously been shown for cats, dogs are at risk for H5N1 infection. Despite the low probability of H5N1 infection in domestic animals, the possibility of humans acquiring H5N1 infection from direct contact with infected cats and dogs warrants concern and highlights the need for monitoring domestic animals during H5N1 outbreaks in the future.
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    Bombs, bullets, billions, commentary from Effect Measure:

    The So Called Bird Flu:
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    Everybody hopes a severe pandemic will not occur, but to not prepare for a worst case scenario is unconscionable. The U.S. Government and every state have pandemic plans. You can find your state's plan at
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    Pandemic flu patients should stay at home and be treated at home:
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    "Pandemonium" details our plagues:

    University of Toronto bookstore event:
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    CIDRAP - Report on Vietnam - Part 1
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    It was one of the first hit by the virus in the current outbreak...It discovered its first human infections in December 2003 and its first widespread poultry outbreaks in January 2004. And it was one of the hardest hit, with 66 million birds culled to prevent spread of the virus, and more human infections than any other country to date...

    But it has also controlled the virus more successfully than any other country where the disease became endemic...
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    Commentary by Dr. Niman on the viral sequence data released on the recent
    H5N1 case in Egypt. It is of a predictive nature, and indicative of the possibility of this virus becoming more easily transmissible.
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    ... the sequence also has an alteration, M230I, near the receptor binding domain.

    Changes in the receptor binding domain are cause for concern because they can alter the ease of transmission...

    Changes in the receptor binding domain in the Qinghai strain are of additional concern because the Qinghai strain has already acquired a mammalian polymorphism, PB2 E627K. This change increases polymerase activity at lower temperatures. It offers strong selective advantage...

    ... additional changes in or near the receptor binding domain of Qinghai isolates are cause for concern... H5N1 in Egypt may be further spread by migratory birds.

    The change in the cleavage site has been reported in H5N2 birds from Mexico, as well as H5N1 from Vietnam. Recombination between Clade 1 H5N1 in Vietnam and Clade 2 Qinghai H5N1 provides a mechanism for further genetic diversity in the Qinghai strain. The Egypt isolates also have polymorphisms found in human H5N1 isolates in in Indonesia.
    The Qinghia strain is associated with increased virulence in both birds and mammals.
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    Why am I posting this? Because I have never seen them give this kind of information before:
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    The CDC recommends keeping two months’ worth of food and supplies in the home because that is how long a pandemic is expected to last.
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    Cytokine Storm article contains an illustrative animation of what occurs, this is an old article, and any reference to the numbers of victims is out of date:
    A Harvard University poll shows that many Americans would have no caregiver in the event of a flu pandemic:
    Again, a month long period is addressed. Whatever happened to the 3 day or 1 week or even 2 weeks of preparation they were suggesting earlier?
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    ... a large majority of Americans would abide by recommendations of public health officials and make big changes to how they live during a possible monthlong avian influenza pandemic.
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    Prophetic video?

    Russia fighting avian flu, no human cases yet:

    Just out of curiosity, I looked at what birds migrate to Australia, and from where, here are some:
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    ... Most birds migrate from Australia to New Guinea, probably eastern Indonesia and perhaps further north, but some remain in northern Australia.

    The Pandemic Plan for Singapore, it's good, but can they do it? How much Tamiflu do they have ?
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