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    I want to make sure that I have included this piece, written by Susan Chu, a retired physician from the UK, a moderator at Fluwiki, formerly of the CDC. This is very good. Please note for new readers that HPAI means highly pathogenic avian influenza, the kind that kills birds and mammals, yes and people too:

    2006 Year End Review on H5N1

    Flu Wiki Forum :: 2006 year end review H5N1 as pandemic threat
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    South Korea slaughters thousands of pigs:
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    State changes rules on reporting flu:
    (hat tip to family)

    AP Wire | 12/23/2006 | State changes rules on reporting flu

    More on Egypt, the WHO says there are now three cases:

    Three in Egypt family test positive for bird flu: WHO - Yahoo! News

    BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | Bird flu confirmed in Egypt trio

    Commentary from Recombinomics discussing the new changes in the virus, trending towards the possibility of more efficient transmission:
    H5N1 Confirmed in Three New Egyptian Patients
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    Helen Branswell, a Canadian journalist covers the story about the recent Lancet article contrasting the Spanish Flu with expected mortality today if pandemic occurs:
    (hat tip croftsblogs)

    Commentary from Recombinomics on additional suspect cases in the same area of Egypt:

    Additional H5N1 Suspect Cases in Gharbiya in Nile Delta

    Egyptian woman is eighth fatality from that country:
    (hat tip Flutrackers)
    AdelaideNow... Eighth Egyptian dies of bird flu

    Commentary from Recombinomics on this fatality:

    H5N1 Fatality in Gharbiya in Nile Delta

    This US Naval Medical Research Unit is located next door to the hospital where these cases are being treated. They are doing the viral sequencing for the Egyptians:
    (hat tip Flutrackers)
    Naval Medical Research Unit 3 (NAMRU-3) Cairo, Egypt
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    Please note that additional commentaries from Recombinomics were added in post 277 and post 278. I believe that the information is important, or I would not have edited the posts.
    Effect Measure Commentary on the cases in Egypt and elsewhere, on the virus
    that is still very much with us:
    Effect Measure
    In Egypt, women bear the brunt of bird flu as all eight of the fatalities have been women. This piece mentions targeting education towards women for this reason.
    Also, the latest fatality, who was only 30 years old after all, died of a heart attack secondary to H5N1. This is very sad in such a young woman. But, the majority of cases in every country effected, have been young:
    (hat tip Flutrackers/AlaskaDenise)
    The number of birds and mammals being slaughtered in South Korea are truly staggering. Here is a report of ducks smuggled onto an island in the southern part of the country:
    INSIDE JoongAng Daily
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    Another Egyptian death from H5N1, this time a 15 year old girl, and it is only December:
    (hat tip Flutrackers/Dr. Niman)
    Second bird flu death in as many days in Egypt - Yahoo! News

    Commentary on this fatality from Recombinomics:
    Second H5N1 Fatality in Gharbiya Cluster in Nile Delta
    Quote from [url=
    Second H5N1 Fatality in Gharbiya Cluster in Nile Delta[/url]
    This season the first case was hospitalized on Sept 30...The sequence had many polymorphism found in human and bird cases from the earlier cases in the spring...also a number of additional polymorphisms found in recent Qinghai isolates in Europe and Africa, indicating the new isolate had recombined with other Qinghai isolates in the area and acquired the new polymorphisms.

    Most alarming was the acquisition of M230I, which is found in human H1N1, H3N2, and influenza B strains. This acquisition created a region of identity between positions 226-230 (QSGRI) of the influenza B receptor binding domain. Influenza B is efficiently transmitted human-to-human. Moreover, Qinghai isolates have PB2 E627K, which is another mammalian polymorphism that increases polymerase activity at lower temperatures. This polymorphism is present in all human isolates, including the 1918 pandemic strain, and has become fixed in the Qinghai strain...
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    Free webcast, engaging the public in pandemic flu preparedness,
    11 January 2007. Continuing education credits available:
    (hat tip PFIF/Iluminatus)

    U Albany SPH Center for Public Health Preparedness

    More on what we know about the Egyptian cases:
    Avian Flu Diary: Bird Flu Claims 2 Lives in Egypt

    H5N1: Al Jazeera on the Gharbiya cluster

    H5N1: Egypt: Guidelines ignored, officials say
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    Commentary from Recombinomics on the history of H5N1 in Egypt:
    H5N1 Wild Bird Sequences in Egypt
    The use of private butchers will be outlawed in Egypt by 2009 with the rise of slaughterhouses (abattoirs) in an effort to prevent H5N1 infections. But, it does not seem to be working in South Korea where they continue to cull poultry and mammals to halt the spread. I do not have a better solution, but just thought I would point this out. The local people may lose a source of income and easily accessed food. This article is not clear about whether or not private individuals will be able to raise their own poultry in rural areas. This practice is already outlawed in urban areas. Big business, supported by gov't may end up controlling the poultry industry in Egypt:
    Eighth Egyptian dies of Bird Flu (Gharbiya) - FluTrackers
    State changes rules on reporting flu, and I think that you can expect that most states will be doing the same:
    (hat tip family)
    AP Wire | 12/23/2006 | State changes rules on reporting flu
    South Korea:
    H5N1: Trouble signs in Korea
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    Transparency is not a high priority, so true:
    Avian Flu Diary: Year End Avian Flu Hotspots
    More suspected cases of H5N1 in northern Egypt:
    Additional H5N1 Suspect Cases in Northern Egypt
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    The remaining family member of the two recent Egyptian fatalities has died of avian flu despite treatment with Tamiflu:

    Third H5N1 Fatality in Gharbiya Cluster in Nile Delta

    Quote from [url=
    Third H5N1 Fatality in Gharbiya Cluster in Nile Delta[/url]
    The...comments indicate the case fatality rate in Egypt's Gharbiyah governate remains at 100%. There have been four confirmed cases, who lived within 12 miles of each other, and all four have died...
    More suspect cases, and this commentary was written before the male victim noted above had expired:
    Additional H5N1 Suspect Cases in Northern Egypt
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    Two essays from Effect Measure:
    Effect Measure

    Effect Measure
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    Dr. David Nabarro of the UN in Dec 2006 speaking about the avian flu threat: