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    State flu plans vary widely, give this article a look. There are some very creative ideas here, and the usual concerns about money and how it should be spent. There are no easy answers.
    (hat tip to croftsblog another very good site for interesting reading)
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    Let us not forget to address Michael Fumento, and his "Chicken Little" piece.
    The folks at Effect Measure have provided us with some commentary, then rebuttal by Fumento, and more comments from readers. I am still laughing, and I hope that you will be too no matter what your views on the war are.
    Be sure to read all the comments because this is a scream:

    Effect Measure

    A Columnist Backed by Monsanto
    (Thank you to Flutrackers for reminding us of this)

    From another good blog, Avian Flu Diary:
    Avian Flu Diary
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    Triage protocol for critical care during panflu epidemic from our friends at the Bellagio Group:
    (hat tip Flutrackers/Florida1)

    Development of a triage protocol for critical care during an influenza pandemic -- Christian et al. 175 (11): 1377 -- Canadian Medical Association Journal
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    Revisiting the CDC's pandemic influenza rationing plan

    This is a very serious, and thought provoking essay, written by Dr.Grattan Woodson, MD, over at Fluwiki. There are some very difficult issues addressed here that can trigger our emotions. Please read it, and feel free to comment. These types of decisions are going to be made by someone.
    Please take the time to time to think about this. I realize that it may be difficult for some to consider this type of scenario:
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    Effect Measure Commentary on Vietnam:

    Effect Measure

    Quote from [url=
    Effect Measure[/url]

    H5N1 infections present as pneumonias. The causative agent for most clinical pneumonias is never determined. To diagnose H5N1 as cause requires specimens to be taken for viral isolation and then sophisticated laboratory tests to determine the agent. Most cases of pneumonia don't receive that kind of diagnostic work-up. It was the existence of a poultry outbreak in the vicinity that often was the factor triggering additional testing. If poultry vaccination eliminates the signal without eliminating the virus, we might have the picture we've seen over the last year in Vietnam: no visible outbreak unless there are unvaccinated birds.
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    Nigeria where H5N1 is spreading fast:

    VOA News - Fresh Outbreak of Bird Flu Alarms Nigerian Officials

    Commentary from Recombinomics:
    H5N1 Re-emerges in Nigeria
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    That last link was quite good. Let's us know that bird flu is not out of the picture. And that pandemic flu is just waiting to happen. Keep posting the links......soon maybe the rest of our nursing community will take notice.:wink2:
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    Disturbing commentary today from Effect Measure:
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    Two new human cases of avian flu in Egypt announced today:

    Egypt reports two new human cases of bird flu - Yahoo! News

    Indonesia, tens of thousands of poultry infected in one province:

    News: South Asia: Earthquake and Tsunami - Dec 2004, Bird flu hits Indonesia's tsunami-battered Aceh
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    Stopped worrying about avian flu? Great writing from Crawford Kilian:
    (hat tip Fluwiki/Grace RN)

    Stopped Worrying about Avian Flu? :: Views ::

    All the junk that's fit to print. Good work, FLA_MEDIC, and thank you for taking on yet another lawyer. What's with these guys and the conservative think tanks anyway?

    Avian Flu Diary: All The Junk That's Fit To Print

    Vietnamese farmers intentionally released their infected poultry into the fields:
    icWales - Asia faces new bird flu threat
    (hat tip Fluwiki/DennisC)
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    H5N1 Confirmed in Two New Egyptian Patients

    Quote from [url=
    H5N1 Confirmed in Two New Egyptian Patients[/url]
    ... the more recent isolate had several additional polymorphisms, including M230I, which is found in all human strains of influenza (H3N2, H1N1, and Influenza B). Moreover, the new acquisition creates of region of identity (QSGRI) at positions 226-230 in Influenza B.
    H5N1 Familial Cluster in Nile Delta Raises Concerns
    Quote from [url=
    H5N1 Familial Cluster in Nile Delta Raises Concerns[/url]
    The current cluster as well as the initial case had linkages to ducks and the H5N1 from the first case had M230I. This polymorphism is found in all three strains of human flu (H3N2, H1N1, and influenza B), all of which are efficiently transmitted human-to-human. The earlier H5N1 is an exact match with positions 226-230 influenza B (QSGRI). The first indication of efficient transmission is a familial cluster, as described in the translation above.
    Further commentary from Recombinomics:

    Co-Circulation of Qinghai H5N1 RBD Changes in Nile Delta

    This should be causing some increased concern to those who are watching this type of information.

    To follow some thinking about what the concern is, here is a thread from
    Flutrackers that will help:

    DISCUSSION - Hanut, Gharbiyah, Egypt - 12/23+ - FluTrackers
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