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    Azerbaijan - Feb to March 2006 - report on cluster of cases:

    Quote from
    The HAI cluster in Daikyand settlement is the first event where
    wild birds were the most likely source of influenza A/H5N1 virus
    infection in humans. However, the difficulties in gathering accurate
    information, confusion over reported dates of illness onset, and
    similar experiences with past influenza A/H5N1 outbreaks where
    multiple plausible exposures were reported, mean that the possibility
    that limited human-to-human transmission cannot be ruled out.
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    Four locations now in South Korea: Iksan, Seosan, Pyontaek & Yangpyeong where
    large numbers of poultry are dying. The situation is bad for birds and animals. Here is map from Flutrackers.

    FluTrackers - View Single Post - South Korea - H5N1 - Iksan & Yangpyeong

    Bird Flu Spread To Three South Korean West Coast Locations

    Bird Flu Spread To Four South Korean West Coast Locations

    Additional Chicken Deaths in Seosan Support H5N1 Spread

    What North Korea is doing:
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    Ohio - Pandemic Prep Letter to Food Retailers
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    Quote from indigo girl

    It's kinda funny that Canada needs to have legislation passed in order to "force" healthcare workers to work. Here in the USA all we need is an executive voting necessary. :angryfire
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    Quote from gr8greens
    It's kinda funny that Canada needs to have legislation passed in order to "force" healthcare workers to work. Here in the USA all we need is an executive voting necessary. :angryfire
    I read somewhere recently, that licenses may be revoked if you don't work. There was also something that I posted recently about allowing nurses from other states to work in a pandemic as long as they were licensed somewhere else (in the States). That did not work in 1918, nor will it work now. Every state was under siege and could not spare their nurses. I would expect retired nurses as well as student nurses to be called in as they were in 1918. Also, do not expect them to issue anything other than surgical masks as there are not enough of the respirators. Insist on goggles or bring your own.
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    Avian flu now in five locations in western part of South Korea:
    Bird Flu Spread To Five South Korean West Coast Locations

    Removed link on North Korea which story has been proven to be about the 2005 outbreak in that country. No current outbreak reported as of yet.

    More commentary from Recombinomics:
    H5N1 Confirmed On Second South Korean Farm

    CIDRAP update:
    CIDRAP >> South Korea has H5N1 in poultry after 3-year lull
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    Bird flu, a disconnect between government, science, and common sense:
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    This is interesting as per the Flutrackers' site. The WHO data base has just released human sequences from Iraq today.
    The strange thing is that there are only three WHO confirmed cases from Iraq on the WHO website, but, the sequences are showing that there were actually six cases from Iraq. How weird is that?
    Quarantine of students in South Korea? Is that what they are doing, or just keeping them out of the area? [english donga]

    The slaughter of animals in South Korea:
    AP Wire | 11/28/2006 | S. Korea kills animals to stop bird flu
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    Awaiting the outcome in New Zealand, no one knows the cause yet:,,1...613961,00.html
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    Size of mass culling of poultry and other animals in South Korea is likely to
    Size of mass poultry cull feared to sharply increase : National : Home

    China on high alert after outbreak of H5N1 in Korea:
    People's Daily Online -- High alert after South Korea outbreaks

    From Effect Measure:
    Effect Measure

    Effect Measure
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    It may be, as some suspect, that H5N1 occurs more frequently than WHO's figures indicate.

    The difficulty of diagnosing H5N1, from CIDRAP, 22 Nov 2006:
    CIDRAP >> Reports show difficulty of diagnosing H5N1 cases

    CIDRAP >> WHO: H5N1 cases in Turkey targeted children, youth

    The sad official story of the last Indonesian fatality:
    Untitled Document

    CIDRAP on the WHO's new guidelines for investigating human cases of H5N1: - Article
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