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    CIDRAP update on two new mutations effecting transmissibility of H5N1:

    This study illustrates the type of situation that is of concern in Africa with its hugh caseload of HIV infected patients:

    Entrez PubMed
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    The WHO hoarding Azerbaijan sequences in data bases post publication for what reason?
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    Excellent links! Anything new to report?
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    Re-occurrence of H5N1 in Ivory Coast:
    H5N1 Re-Emerges In Ivory Coast

    As the folks at Flutrackers have pointed out, the Ivory Coast is in migratory pathways that include Western Europe and the eastern USA. The Northern Wheatear is one bird that spends the winter in Ivory Coast, and ends up in the northern part of North America (Alaska, Yukon, and Northwest Territories).
    The fact that they have only found a few instances of avian flu is probably more related to not looking very hard, rather than what is actually present in the area.

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    Opinion piece from medical reseacher and science writer, A.A.Avlicino:
    Bird Flu:<br>What We Need To Know: Little White Lies That Could Kill 150 Million People
    The best summary of H5N1 to date - Commentary from Effect Measure:
    Effect Measure
    Here is the perspective from Webster and Govorkova:
    NEJM -- H5N1 Influenza -- Continuing Evolution and Spread
    More on the failure of rapid testing:
    Awaiting Lengthy Lab Confirmation of Bird Flu Risks Treatment Delays, Studies Find - New York Times
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    The role of natural products in countering avian influenza:

    As always, you must check with your physician. This information if not a substitute for medical advice, but is offered in the event that antivirals and vaccines may not be available.
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    More from South Korea, pigs and dogs will also be slaughtered. Some dogs are raised for food there although they do have dogs as pets:

    S. Korea moves to halt bird flu | Herald Sun
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    Transmission of avian influenza, H5N1, animal to animal, animals to people, a veterinary slide presentation:

    University of New Hampshire will use satelites for new study on the ecology of avian flu:
    Satellite Observation Used To Track Avian Flu

    A sad retelling of events from 1918: | When killer flu struck

    Nova video, 13 minutes long compares H5N1 with H1N1 (1918 flu) thru experiments scientists are performing today:
    NOVA | scienceNOW | 1918 Flu | PBS
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    South Korea, cats, dogs, mice quarantined? Probably will be culled also as were all the chickens and ducks:
    Digital Chosunilbo (English Edition) : Daily News in English About Korea

    Commentary from Recombinomics:
    H5 Spread on South Korean Farms

    Bird Flu Spread To Three South Korean West Coast Locations
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    Human sequences from Turkey have been released from Weybridge, and they indicate changes in human receptor domain that could make H5N1 more transmissible:
    S227N Change in H5N1 Receptor Binding Domains in Turkey

    Quote from
    The release of the four sequences add important information on the receptor binding domain change, S227N. The WHO is monitoring adjacent positions, 226 and 228 for additional receptor binding changes. Acquisition of human polymorphism at these positions may greatly increase the affinity of H5N1 for upper respiratory receptors in humans, leading to more efficient transmission, which is the missing condition required for a catastrophic pandemic.
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