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    H5N1 Wild Bird Sequences in Egypt:
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    H5N1 Wild Bird Sequences in Egypt:
    H5N1 Wild Bird Sequences in Egypt
    Dr. Niman was asked, why the sequences were not being released. Here is his reply:
    FluTrackers - View Single Post - H5 North American Sequences at Genbank

    So, it's not for lack of trying that other researches have sought in vain, to get the information that they need.
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    Update of Low Path Avian Flu in North America, this is two pages so you have to scroll down for the second page, expect this list to get longer:

    Commentary on low path avian flu in Delaware:
    H5N1 In Delaware
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    Preparing for Pandemic Flu, a Call to Action - a very grim report. The actual mortality rate is higher than they are indicating, but still look at what they are saying.

    Commentary on face masks from Effect Measure, read it and make up your mind because you will be the one at risk:
    Effect Measure: Something about masks
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    If a vaccine becomes available, innoculate kids first:
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    Nov 21st, PBS special on the 1918 Pandemic:
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    Commentary from Recombinomics on an article from Nature:
    Qinghai H5N1 Receptor Binding Domain Changes In Middle East

    Quote from
    These polymorphisms are either linked to increases in affinity for human receptors, or have been found in human isolates, suggesting various combinations can lead to more efficient human to humans transmission.

    Since all are on the Qinghai strain, recombination between these sequences, can be expected, as has been seen previous in H5N1 HA cleavage site as well as the receptor binding domain.
    These co-circulating polymorphisms in Qinghai isolates in the Middle East. create additional concerns.
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    Interesting articles from the Medical Journal of Australia via Flutrackers. They refer to viral reassortment as the primary method of viral evolution rather than the recombination theory espoused by Dr. Niman. No one denies that both occur, the argument is over which is the driving force for evolution, an important issue for predicting transmissibility to humans, and for understanding what will be needed for vaccines:
    FluTrackers - View Single Post - The Medical Journal of Australia - Supplement — Preparing for an influenza pandemic
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    What are the odds? Dr. Webster, avian flu expert at St. Judes is saying 50/50. He says he is prepping for a three month period of food and water being in short supply.

    ABC News

    US Embassy in Ottawa:
    The Embassy of the U.S.A., Ottawa - Current Issues
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    Commentary on the scandalous hoarding of viral sequences by the WHO and other agencies. There is simply no acceptable reason for this anymore. You have to ask why?
    Post Publication Hoarding of H5N1 Sequences by The WHO

    Quote from
    Thus, although the samples are collected by public health agencies, the data is withheld from the public by the WHO affiliated labs until publication.

    However, the sequence hoarders have now extended the hoarding beyond publication. This has been done in two recent high profile publications.
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    Recent changes to the USDA Report documenting finds of low pathogenic avian influenza (LPAI) in wild birds spreading into other states. It is important to realize why they are testing. Assurances to the public that LPAI is not a problem are somewhat misleading. LPAI is a problem if poultry become infected because of the very real potential for it to mutate to a highly pathogenic form. They would not be monitoring and testing if it was not an issue.

    Contrast the reassurances with this article:
    Penn State Poultry Expert Explains Changes | Lancaster Farming

    Quote from
    Penn State Poultry Expert Explains Changes | Lancaster Farming]
    The importance of containing LPAI is that the virus can mutate into a highly pathogenic form (HPAI). This is what happened in Pennsylvania and Virginia in 1983-1984 when about 17 million birds were euthanized because of a deadly HPAI outbreak.
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    Triage Protocol for Critical Care during a Pandemic:
    Development of a triage protocol for critical care during an influenza pandemic -- Christian et al. 175 (11): 1377 -- Canadian Medical Association Journal

    Bush pledges to help Indonesia with avian flu, except that he names the wrong country as the source of the problem:
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