PA legislators institute restrictions on narcotics, narcotic datbase + provider education

  1. PA Governor signed several laws regarding narcotics to combat abuse... as home care RN fear they have gone overboard in restriction of narcotics which will negatively impact patient pain management as several of my patients unable to get PCP appointment until 30 days post ED visit.

    1. Act 122 of 2016, limits Emergency Departments and urgent care centers providers to ordering only a 7-day supply of opioids

    2. Act 123 of 2016, provides for the destruction of household prescription drugs and pharmaceutical waste.

    3. Act 124 of 2016 provides for continuing education requirements in pain management, for prescribing opioids as well as addiction treatment. The bill requires physicians to check the state's newly created Prescription Drug Monitoring System each time a patient is dispensed an opioid drug product or a benzodiazepine documenting query in patients chart, and requires prescribers and dispensers to input the data in the database within 72 hours of the prescription being dispensed.

    4. Act 125 of 2016 limits the issuance of opioids to minors and providing for further restrictions and requirements if opioids are prescribed to minors. Limit of 7 day prescription AND requires written parental consent, chart documentation of counseling regarding addiction; exception for cancer treatment, palliative care/hospice or chronic pain condition.

    5. Act 126 of 2016 medical training facilities would be required to create and implement curriculum on safe opioid prescribing.
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  3. by   NurseGirl525
    This is pretty much already in place in Indiana. It does go too far in my opinion and just punishes those who legally need the pain scripts. Our urgent care centers no longer prescribe narcotics which floods our ERs now more than before.

    Family physicians are limited on the amount of narcotic pills prescribed a month. No more than 59 in a month can be prescribed. Sucks if you have a chronic life long pain condition.

    Also, say you take a narcotic daily for pain. Chronic pain. Not the same as acute pain. So, you fall and break a bone or get a root canal and get a short 5 day supply of norco. You have to report that norco to the pain management doc and they can pull up every script you have filled.

    And guess what? It hasn't done a dang thing for our drug problem. As a matter of fact it's ten times worse because now our addicts are turning to Heroin. Black tar heroin. Deaths are up, and our rehab facilities are full. Meanwhile, those in pain can't get adequate pain control.

    It's a mess. A complete mess.
  4. by   NRSKarenRN
    Thanks for your comments...agree 100%. Have 2 family members with chronic pain..... when your having 40th kidney stone at age 30, Advil 800mg as one ER suggested not gonna work but IV Toradol + Dilaudid 2 mg got pain under control until lithotrypsy arranged.
  5. by   NurseGirl525
    Quote from NRSKarenRN
    Thanks for your comments...agree 100%. Have 2 family members with chronic pain..... when your having 40th kidney stone at age 30, Advil 800mg as one ER suggested not gonna work but IV Toradol + Dilaudid 2 mg got pain under control until lithotrypsy arranged.

    I used to get kidney stones. Yeah, ibuprofen is not touching that.

    It's a darn shame. What happens is we get families of people who overdosed and died going to our legislature claiming it wasn't their family member's fault that they crushed 5 oxy's and snorted them while slapping 3 fentanyl patches on their tongue. It's the drug companies and we need to make laws to save people. Then we get Johnny's law. Like Johnny had a legal script for all that in the first place. Nobody with any medical or addiction experience. Now our government has put so much pressure on doctors that they are jumping on board. They basically threaten the doctors with jail.

    Everybody has the best intentions, but they are making this drug addiction problem a giant mess. We have housewives and grandmas addicted to heroin. And I'm not kidding, the whole thing started as a freaking qvc shopping addiction. Not kidding. One guy, a golf addiction. They were addicted to other things in life. Then, an injury happened. They were prescribed Vicodin. Vicodin gave them the same rush, but was cheaper. So, the drug addiction started. They were looking for that rush, that escape. Then, the DEA just **** down their doctor. Was the pill mill guy wrong, yes, but instead of finding treatment for their patients, they got nothing except suddenly closed doors. What do they do? Withdrawal is setting in. They go to the street for Vicodin. They get introduced to Heroin. These are true stories.

    Its easier for our government to pat themselves on the back by did the littlest amount possible. Let's make a law, let's shut down doctors. Let's forget about actually treating the issue and getting to the root of the problem. Too much work and money.

    Meanwhile, I get a tooth infection up to my sinus cavity and have to get it pulled and I get shown the door, because I'm a drug seeker. Never mind I had also been vomiting for 3 days and was severely dehydrated. Couldn't get treatment for that because I was a drug seeker. I had never been so insulted in my life.Oh yeah, they also charged me $700 for taking my vital signs and showing me the door.

    Why is there never a happy medium in society?