PA: Hopeful Nurses are More Comfortable, Confident in Caring for Dying Children

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    hopeful nurses are more comfortable, confident in caring for dying ...
    [color=#6f6f6f]yahoo! news (press release) - 11 minutes ago
    ... into the role of personal hopefulness and the relevance of nursing education in helping nurses be more effective in providing palliative care. ...

    "our most substantial finding," said dr. feudtner, "is that the more hours of palliative care education that a nurse receives, the more comfortable the nurse is in providing palliative care and in talking about death and dying with patients and families. we interpret this finding in the framework of 'hope theory' formulated by our co-author, dr. rick snyder. education enlarges the set of pathway thoughts a person may have when considering how to achieve a goal, and may expand the range of potentially desired goals.
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