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  1. by   indigo girl
    Quote from TrudyRN
    I fully agree that we need cameras in Admin offices.

    What about HIPPA?
    Admin offices, good idea. Maybe in the kitchen too.

    I just heard about another case. I even know the patient. The family insisted on cameras in her room. The family had this patient in six different LTC facilities. She is a tough case, total care, stiff, and difficult to care for, and screams continuously when awake. Family is suing at least one of the homes. She is on pain meds, but it is not clear that the screaming is related to pain.

    If cameras are being used, I think that the staff should be aware. Even with good care, families can misinterpret what is happening.
  2. by   CHATSDALE
    indigo you are right about family can look at a screaming parent and know that this is not what the parent use to do, but the fact is that sometimes due to sickness/age this is not the same parent that they knew..this is just the same body
  3. by   joshuaha
    Wow, it is terrible that those things happened to that poor patient. The question is, could it have been avoided? How many of you have worked in a nursing home before as a CNA? Often times, I would have 20+ patients and 15 of those would be total care. I barely had time to feed everyone, bathe everyone, and clean everyone. There was never any time to do the things that I knew that I should do like oral care and ROM. These are just a few of the many reasons that I chose to leave LTC. I am not saying that the things that happened to that patient were not wrong... they were. I am just saying that perhaps the long term care system in America is in serious need of revamping. It would seem that these poor people are just another in a long series of casualties caused by the nursing shortage.... Perhaps it is a portant of things to come?
  4. by   ANnot4me
    This happens everywhere and the staff knows it, the management knows it and the agencies that certify these places and regulatory agencies know it. Just like JCHO knows that hospitals are the same. To what degree it happens changes from place to place. Everyone involved deserves what they get because they chose to participate and say nothing. Abuse and neglect are abuse and neglect, period. There is always somebody willing to do it and keep their mouth shut, justify it for whatever reason and get paid to do it. It is sad, but it isn't new and it isn't isolated and we all know it.

    I have quit more than a few jobs because I could not possible deliver the care I was supposed to be giving: these jobs were in hospitals, nursing homes and long-term care facilities.
  5. by   elizabeth321
    I don't care where the problem comes from...people can only make change starting with themselves...and they need to be able to sleep at night.

  6. by   notafit
    My nursing home colleague says, "I should be thanked for working while severly understaffed and underpaid by federal masters." She gets much less than I do as an ICU nurse- about half the pay and twice the patient load- like 28 or 40 patients at night!!! and half my pay. All nursing homes should be shut down and we must take care of them in well staffed and well payed HOSPITALS.
  7. by   elizabeth321
    They won't get shut down untii people take a stand...and someone working in the facility is a great start....why does your friend work in such a setting? Did she say?