Nursing: The 10 Hardest Jobs To Fill In America

  1. Source: Forbes Magazine, 06.03.09

    The 10 Hardest Jobs To Fill In America
    If you're looking for work in any of these fields, you're in luck.

    The next profession on the list, nursing, also requires an interest in math and science. But that isn't why there's a shortage of nurses. The demand for them is higher than ever because the aging American population needs more and more health care, and advances in medicine are enabling nurses' patients to survive and need treatment longer, while many nurses are reaching retirement age.

    Exacerbating the shortage is a lack of educators able to train the next generation. Karen L. Miller, dean of the nursing school at the University of Kansas Medical Center, laments, "If there aren't enough teachers, we can't make more graduates.
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    The reporter should have interviewed the thousands of unemployed nurses in the U.S. right now.
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  3. by   ohmylove
    Is it really that hard to get a job as an RN right now?
  4. by   PacoUSA
    Why don't they pay nurse educators more money??
  5. by   Teresag_CNS
    Quote from ohmylove
    Is it really that hard to get a job as an RN right now?
    Search this site for "new graduates" and you will find out.
  6. by   NickiLaughs
    I am one of 3 out of my class of 30 with a job right now. The other 27 would disagree, and mostly because they are parents or have spouses with jobs, cant really relocate to where the nursing "shortages" are.

    As far as nurse educators salaries, most universities/colleges have set rates at which they start all professors. For a guy with a Phd in philosophy, 60k is a lot, but a nurse who was on the floor with a Phd.....well, a nurse with a year experience can make more than that with some overtime.

    I worked at a University Health Clinic, the nursing department was recruiting one of our NP's, but would have paid her 30k a year less. Who could say no to that?
  7. by   puppytrix
    I work at a 500+ bed hospital, and we are currently going through our FOURTH RN layoff since this past Christmas. As someone who is somewhat new to the hospital (AKA, low senority), I am again worried. Each time, I browse the want ads in the large area, and there are VERY few positions open. I live in the North Central US, and I HAVE heard that the nursing situation is much better (if you can call a "shortage"...better!) in other areas of the country. Many of the RNs I work with know they will have to relocate if they lose their job and need another.
  8. by   My_brain_hurts
    I just quit my nursing job to go to graduate school. I keep hearing about nurses getting layed off and now I'm going "did I make the right decision to go back to school NOW???" I had a job and quit purposefully. Am I insane??? (feeling the mental stress of not having a job. . . pardon if a freak out a little)
  9. by   melUK2000
    Hi, My Brain Hurts, to be honest, you made the right decision to go to graduate school now, however, I do not see the logic of resigning from your job? There must be another good reason to do that because if you said you will go to graduate school, then it would have been better to work and study at the same time if you can manage it full time. Otherwise reducing your hours or better yet do the online study are other options. Well, if you can support yourself and your studies without income then there is no reason for you to freak out. Good Luck.
  10. by   treetop2
    Don't believe everything put out by Mainstream Media Outlets. Most of it is propaganda, like the end of the world swine flu hysteria probably designed to scare people and divert attention from something else. The ruling bosses are gearing up to force marxist socialized medicine through and they have to make healthcare in the USA look as dysfunctional as possible and to excuse lowering standards to allow immigrants and "national service" slaves to be used as cheap/free labor. I have noticed nursing job ads are way down in our paper as well.
  11. by   Schmoo1022
    I was about to come I cannot FIND A JOBBBBB Grrrrrr
  12. by   HonestRN
    The issue is far more complex than lack of nursing teachers. We do currently have a surplus of new grads right now. The issue with filling nursing positions is the terrible working conditions, high patient/nurse ratios, and customer satisfaction driven mentality of health care facilities. Good quality care is being compromised by budget cuts, inadequate staffing, and a misguided focus of customer satisfaction i.e., patients think hospitals are Club Med.
  13. by   cindy13065
    Quote from ohmylove
    Is it really that hard to get a job as an RN right now?
    In my area we had approximately 300 nursing graduates and 60 available positions. Thankfully I was on of the lucky ones.
  14. by   Ginger's Mom
    I am a RN with a MSN, I teach one night a week. I would love to quit my hospital based position to join a college. Why don't I, I would have to take a huge pay cut.

    Nursing educators get paid what college professor get paid, despite the fact unlike professors you also have to clinical expertise.